One Way or Another

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For my third assignment for this final project, I chose to do Storytelling within the Web {*****} again. The reason I chose to do this assignment again was because I wanted to show how Sabrina reacted to Libby’s attempt to blackmail her. She obviously is going to seek revenge…I wanted to show everyone exactly how she was going to do that. And with what she would seek revenge with.

I spent the most time on this assignment than any other assignment I have done for this final project. I wanted to make it realistic and the webpage that I used my Hackasaurus tool on was really long. This tool amazes me every time I use it. You can really change anything!!! I changed everything from the product reviews, summary, price, and even the related objects!!! I chose to hack a Amazon web page. Yes, Sabrina is going to buy something to seek revenge on Libby.

Go to the full Amazon web page to see all of the details – even the minor ones. Just kick back, relax, and read!

Here is the product Sabrina just purchased:

Potion review

Here is my favorite part about the changes I made to this web page:

Revenge Potion

Do you have any predictions about what farm animal Libby will turn into???

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