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So, as mentioned before I chose to take Tony Soprano and put him in the future, 50 years from the end of the show.  I had him wake up from a coma, as (SPOILER ALERT) the ending was a bit open ended.  So I had him waking up, and checking out Amazon to find a championship Chicago Cubs hat on sale, which I used the X-Ray Goggles to alter.  After this I created a soundcloud file of NPR discussing how Dubya was still in office and about to come on and be interviewed.  To finish up I took a few pictures showing how even though it’s the future that nothing much about the environment had changed, just events.  Leading up to the finale where he was spotted in a broadway play as a new actor, leading the viewer to believe his body had been cloned.  All ending in him having his typical panic attack and passing away.

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