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This is Ron Burgundy, the lead anchor of News Team 4.  Ron has always been what people call a “ladies man,” but he has also always been somewhat lacking in intelligence.  Excellent at wooing women, viewers, and especially women viewers, Ron has had almost everything in his life come easy to him.

A new change occurred in his department at the news station, however, when all employees became required to obtain a degree of higher education.  The new woman in the office, Veronica Corningstone, had arrived fresh from college with a degree in video journalism and had been showing Ron up in every way.

Frustrated with this and embarrassed that he was the only person in the department without a degree of some sort, Ron began to have strange dreams and to see signs everywhere, taunting him.

But ultimately, Ron had no choice and decided to enroll in college.  Because he liked to work with cameras and technology, Ron decided to enroll in a course called DS106, or “Digital Storytelling.”  Because he was interested in women, he also enrolled in “Women’s Studies.”

DS106 didn’t begin until the second week of classes, so he spent his first week immersed in Women’s Studies, which was not at all what he was anticipating.  Ron was very disappointed.  However, at the end of the first week, he was assigned to visit this site.



Astounded by what he’d been missing, Ron began to rethink his life.  He took the quiz listed on the site and realized he’d been treating all the women in his life the same.  No wonder his pursuit of Veronica wasn’t working.

He took the following semester off to volunteer in another country and clear his head, and upon his return put his DS106 skills to use by making a video telling Veronica how he felt about her.

It was true, he had decided to go into investigative journalism.  Changed by his classes at school, he decided to do something good with his life and to try to help people.

Unfortunately, it turned out Veronica wasn’t putting up walls because Ron was offensive.  Actually, Veronica couldn’t have cared less whether Ron was a feminist — it was just that she didn’t like him very much in general.  After a date that went bad, Veronica shut him out forever, leaving Ron devastated.

As a final ode to Veronica Corningstone, Ron made this music video, and said goodbye forever.


But with Ron’s newfound passion for humanity and his improved technology skills thanks to DS106, he continued school and moved on with his life as a bigger and better person.

The End.

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