Sabrina, the Teenage Revenge Seeker

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Hey everyone!

My name is Sabrina Spellman. I’m just your normal everyday teenager. Except for the fact that I found out I’m a witch on my sixteenth birthday. But no one knows, not even my best friend Valerie. Yeah. My life is kind of crazy. I love just about everything a normal teenager loves though. Really, check out my Pinterest board:

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Valerie and I constantly get picked on by the school cheerleader, Libby. She thinks she’s the best. I don’t know why…but she does. She thinks she owns this school. Last week, I found this letter from her folded up in my locker:


There was also a video tape in my locker. Could she really have proof?? I went into the science lab, where no one ever goes, and put the tape in. I couldn’t believe my eyes. She did have proof.

I had to think of something…and quick!! I couldn’t risk having the whole school find out I’m a witch. If that happens, the witches counsel will send me to school in the other realm. I can’t leave Valerie or Harvey. And if I agree to be her slave forever….well I would choose death over that. I had to think of something. FAST.

I went home right after yearbook club and went to get researching. I searched and searched. I probably should have been studying for my spanish exam for tomorrow, but this was much more important. I finally came across something that I could use online. It was a revenge potion that could turn Libby into a farm animal. If Libby was an animal, she wouldn’t be able to talk. Then she couldn’t spill my secret…hmmm….this looked promising

Potion review

I went to school the next day and tried to avoid Libby. I didn’t want to cast this spell in front of everyone – that would really reveal my being a witch and all. At lunch, I left Harvey and Valerie and grabbed Libby to come outside with me. That’s when I drank the revenge potion. I was hoping this would work. How else would I explain me wanting to talk to Libby…ew. I pointed my finger and

Libby is a goat 01

I can’t believe it. I actually did it!!!! The amazon page was right, I did feel immediate satisfaction!!!! I got revenge on Libby. She had it coming for her. But now, I had to either get this goat or me out of here! I quickly ran back into the cafeteria and acted like nothing happened. I really got away with it.

Now, it’s ten years later. Valerie, Libby, and I all went our separate ways after High School. I mean, that happens with everyone, right?

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