Some People Change

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For my last assignment of this final story was the Where Are They Now? {**} video assignment. I wanted to show everyone where the characters of this final story ended up. What changed, who changed, who stayed the same?? You’ll learn it all now :) I just hate when people don’t update the viewers on where the characters are now. That is the worst thing in movies. {Although now I know that stories can be open-ended and that’s ok.}

I got pictures of the main characters: Sabrina, Libby, and Valeria {Sabrina’s best friend} from back when the show aired {1997ish} and now. I thought it was important to show the viewers just how much everyone has changed. I put these pictures together in my Windows Movie Maker. Side note: throughout this class, I have fallen in love with Windows movie maker. I never knew what it could do, I just had it on my computer. Now, I use it all the time. I’m preparing a movie/slide show for my graduation party with it!!!! I just love it. Ok, back to the story :)

I added captions to each character’s then and now pictures. This part needed to be funny. After all, this is how I’m ending my story. I don’t want the traditional “and they lived happily ever after” ending. Actually I think we’re banned from doing that or we’ll get a bad grade. Regardless, I wanted to make it funny.

Once I was done editing the video {changing transitions, font, color, and adding music}, I uploaded it to Vimeo and viola:

Stay tuned for my my final story – putting all the pieces together!!!

Song blog post title: Some People Change – Montgomery Gentry

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