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During the third week of DS106 I wrote about what I thought Story telling and Digitial Story tellign were.  Having finished the class I know a lot more about what digital story telling is.  While I was right talk mention technology as what creates it there is much more involved.  Digital Story telling is its own type of art.  There is thought and elements that play into it that I did not previously think of.  It is a lot harder than it looks as well.  It takes trial and error, editing, story telling, creating, and frustration to turn out a final product.

My final story: Trying to go Toward the Lights: is a creation of imagination, time, effort, and frustration.  When I first proposed the idea of Rapunzel’s initial attempt to go see the “floating lights” I thought I would make a couple of digital stories with a variety of media and it would all just come together.  I wanted to get across how much Rapunzel wants to see the lights and know what they are while keeping her naive personality in tact.  I was able to do this, but a narrative was needed to help the media flow.  I think the viewer is able to follow along with ease.  If I were to do this again of had more time to make everything just right then I would have tried to include more of the movie Tangled into it.  I would want to have more than just Rapunzel and Mother Gothel.  I could have included a whole new character.

Here is kind of a making of…

The Map:

The needed goods:

The journal:

And my reflection on my final product!

In the beginning half of DS106 I was very good at communicating with the rest of the DS106 community.  Being new to twitter I think I did pretty well keeping up with tweeting over the entire semster.  I ask and answered questions, said what I was doing, and posted links to my work.  I was okay with commenting on other people’s blogs.  I made sure to give compliments as well as constructive criticism.  I listened to the ds106 show and followed what was going on with the show through twitter.  As far as group projects went I did my fair part.  I gave ideas and opinions.  I created media that was quality and fun to watch, look at, or listen to.  I made sure to do everything on time and communicate with the other people in my group.  Whenever I have nothing to do I log into ds106 radio and just listen.

Over the course of the class I contributed 2 daily create ideas(the first and the second), 2 tutorials, and 2 assignments.  Each one was something I thought would be interesting to do, but were not yet there.  The tutorials were written up in steps people can follow in order to complete assignments.  The second daily create I suggested has not been used yet.  It is the pick a character from a book, tv show, or movie and explain why you are like that person.

I have done a lot of different assignments and daily creates over the semester.  I put 5 of them into a “Best Of” file on my blog.  I chose one assignment for each type of medium we used.  For video I chose my cooking show.  I put a lot of work into this.  I think it turned out well.  The audio was of my reading a poem and then making a story out of it that expanded on the origninal.  I added vocals, music, and effects to help tell the story I wanted the view to hear.  My design was a book cover I created.  I love books so I just had to include this one.  The picture I pick is black and white with one part color.  I have always loved these images and photographs and now I know how to do them myself.  The last assignment I chose was the first bumper I made.  I was so proud of this after I did it.  It was one of the first things in the class that I was proud of and knew that other people around me did not know how to do it so I was able to teach them.

My “Pay it Forward” for future DS106ers is from the heart.  I talked about what I thought of the course and what I liked and disliked.  I made sure to give tips and thoughts on my experience that will hopefully help future ds106 students.  I have enjoyed the class.  It is not an easy class.  You need to manage time and put a lot of thought into each and every one of the assignments.  There are things to learn and mess with.  The ds106 handbook will be your best friend.



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