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Well, I struggled with this post because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to start it with a final Fandom Princess story, or if I just wanted to type it like a normal, regular post without a story. I decided to forgo the story, because the Fandom Princess and her adventures aren’t going anywhere. I think I needed to tell everyone that. She may not be around as often, I mean, she’s got the big wide universe to go out and try and conquer and figure out. But she’ll always be here for whenever anyone needs to disappear off into a world of magic, adventure, and love. :)

So, that’s my little sad ‘See ya’ real soon’ moment. Haha. Onward to the final and last summary, yeah?

First, it only seems fitting that as the last post, we do some reflecting on the things we’ve done all semester! So, I’m glad we have to link back to Week 3 and our view on storytelling, specifically digital storytelling. My view on storytelling can be found here. After re-reading the assignment and thinking about all the work that has been done over the weeks, I think that everything that I did definitely applied to the list I gave on tips and my opinion has definitely only broadened. As I said in my post then, the addition of media to a story just only enhances the details that the story is trying to show. As an English major, this sort of thing still intrigues me, and I still feel as if digital storytelling is just like normal storytelling — it’s all about engaging people and making connections and being creative.

Next up, a little bit on my final project titled A Mardi Gras Wedding! Being the Fandom Princess, I am in love with a variety of different topics, and these are things that I grow attached to and have a special place in my heart. For this reason, it was hard to pick what exactly I wanted to write about for the project. The summary/process about how I finally decided on the idea of Charlotte getting married can be found here. The project came out exactly how I wanted it to, if not better. I was proud of myself and happy that the addition of media was used to just make the story more vivid for people, at least I hope it was. It means a lot to me that people find this story entertaining and fun, because I had a lot of fun writing and creating it. The ending twist is normally something that I wouldn’t write, but I hope it made the whole story a little more enjoyable and funny, and helped others realize that there’s still hope for everything in life. You just never know what can happen, and that’s the main idea behind this story. Below you’ll find the media blog posts that were used in the story:

Stitch Bracelet

Adventures with Ghost: Don’t Eat the Weeds

School Pride

Haiku What?

What Goes “Bump” in the Night

Moving right along, the contributions that I made to the online community were, honestly, not as high as they could have been. In fact, in my advice to future students, I let them know that they shouldn’t be like me and not tweet or comment on their classmates’ blogs. They should do this often, and I wish I had done it more than only when we were prompted to do so. Tweeting was probably the easiest, and seeing as I was a bad tweeter before the class, I had to constantly remind myself that tweeting was part of my participation for the class. It got a bit easier, and it was nice when I was able to talk to people through that as a source of communication, even my own professor! I also wish I had done more of the Google Hangouts because my first time doing it for Storytelling with Movies was AMAZING! I had such a fun time and probably should have hoped on more. With my groups however for my projects, I was all over that! We met a few times for hours and it was nice to be able to talk to one another not only in person but online to make sure that everything turned out how we wanted to and to build up the chemistry with the group. All in all, my contributions weren’t the best, but when I did contribute, I made sure to make my comments and notes worth something meaningful.

Next up, here’s the links to the tutorials/assignments/and screen shots of the daily creates that I did!


Pixie Cluster – An addition to this, try adding some music to the video to make it pop more!

A New Perspective – Pintrest served to be another fun page to remake! You can apply the same tutorial to that as well!


What’s Your Opinion On

So and So’s Greatest Hits — word to the wise, make your mix extra good and give credit where it’s due so that YouTube or Soundcloud doesn’t take the song down (and yes, I speak from personal experience)

Daily Creates:


The first is a visual Create: Take a picture of something that showcases your personality – Something that someone would look at and say “That is so you,” sort of thing.


The second is also a visual create: Take a picture of your favorite building on campus in a creative way.

Next, here is the link to the posts I consider my Best Works! The assignments in this category are ones that don’t look the best, but they’re the ones where I worked super hard just to accomplish. They were the assignments that challenged me or touched me and motivated the creative spark in me to come out even more. For that reason, I think they are some of the best works that I produced. I hope you’ll agree!

And last, but certainly not least, here is my Pay it Forward to Future advice to all the future DS106ers. Take heed, young padawans. You’d be wise to listen to everything I have to say in this video.

Well, it seems like that’s a wrap for my final DS106 summary. I said I wouldn’t cry, so I’m not going to, but I just want to say thank you to everyone who followed the Fandom Princess on her many adventures. They were painful, they were tough, they were loving, and they were rewarding. I hope to keep going on many adventures and am so thankful for all of the things I have learned in this course. Thank you!

Until next time! Princess out! :D

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