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WE DID IT!! I can’t believe this is my final DS106 post! It’s been such a fun ride! I can’t believe its over! Though, as we all know we are ds106ers #4life!!

So what does Digital Storytelling mean?

Well In week 3 I said “I immediately think of Animea or Cartoons, I guess because I know they are made on computers. I am sure it encompasses so much more than this, but those are my first thoughts when I hear the word.”

I think now that we are wrapping up week 16, its safe to say that Digital Storytelling is more than Animea or Cartoons. It involves all sorts of media: audio, visual,web,video, design and remixes of all of those things together! Digital Storytelling covers a wide variety of genres. It’s really hard to describe Digital Storytelling because what it means to one person, could mean something completely different to another! Really the ideas and opinions of what digital storytelling is are endless. But now, my definition is that it is a way to tell a story or stories, using a combination of media sources to express creativity and ideas.

The Final Story

I had such a fun time with this final project! I created a story about Kate Middleton and her royal baby. The idea came to me randomly and I just went with it! There is so much press around what the royal baby will be, what the name will be, etc,  and I just feel like Kate probably gets stressed out from it. Also I feel like the Queen could be a demanding person, so I thought it would be good to put some of that into the story as well.  I played with the truth a bit and added some drama (every good story needs some!). I really enjoy how the story ended. I feel like there is a lot of room for guessing as to what will happen to the young Royal couple and baby. I hope other people like it and enjoy my take on this real life fairytale!

To see my final story go here, and it see all the different assignments for the story here is the summary. Enjoy

The DS106 Community

One of the best parts of this class is that although its online, we all got to collaborate and work together. Through twitter we were able to talk about issues/problems and successes with ds106 material. We got to talk to Alan and ask him questions to clarify assignments and understand the issues we were facing, which was really awesome because he replied instantly. I have to say I tweeted Alan a lot. Anytime I was confused I went start to twitter to ask him, after trying to figure out the issue first. We all were able to bond over the horribleness (new word?) of Mozilla Popcorn (or most of us did at least). The radio show was another great way of bringing together the ds106 community. I got to work with 4 great DS106ers (Brittany, Kelsie, Brooke and Sarah) and I think we pulled off a really great radio show. Brittany and I worked together on parts we had to finish prior to spring break and I often looked to Kelsie for inspiration on assignments throughout the semester. As far as commenting goes, I did great in the beginning of the semester, but after spring break it kinda went downhill a bit. I have commented on blogs, just not as often as I should have. Overall though, I believe I was an active member of the DS106 community and I’m glad to have “met” though not in real life, perhaps, some new people!

Tutorials/Assignments/Daily Creates

This semester we had to create tutorials, TONS of assignments and we did a bunch of Daily Creates throughout the semester. All of these go our creative juices flowing and helped us be successful DS106ers! Check out my work:

My Best Work

We had to pick at least 5 pieces of media throughout the ds106 course and define it as our best work.

  • Visual: Splish Splash Color and the A-Z African Collage. Both of these assignments were so fun! I’d always wanted to do splash coloring before and wouldn’t you know there is an APP for that! The A-Z Collage was so time consuming, but so worth it. I absolutely love how it came out and I think it might be the best of the best work I’ve ever done!
  • Audio: May I take your order? This assignment was ridiculous! I did my best southern accent and some random nasally accent that I have no clue how I did. This wins best audio because its just funny and silly.
  • Web: What Kate’s been pinning. This is actually an assignment from my final project. I just really loved the Storytelling within the web assignment and I think the Pinterest board turned out really well.
  • Video: Nobody puts baby in the Corner. This was a fun assignment to play with the truth and play around with iMovie, which at the time I had limited experience. Now I feel like a Pro ;)
  • Remix: Dakota Fanning through the years. I enjoyed getting all the movie clips together and putting the video together. I think it turned out well!

 Pay it forward

I created a video to share some advise and words of wisdom to all future generations of ds106ers! I remember when I watched and read advise tips from past ds106ers and so I was happy to do the same. I shared what I learned as a  ds106er in the course and I hope that it helps all future students who take the course.

Final thoughts

This class has been so much more fun that I ever imagined. I was nervous going in because I felt that I wasn’t a very creative person. But 16 weeks later and looking over all the work I’ve done this semester, I can proudly say that I am a creative person. Maybe not the most creative, but I can still create! This class has taught me so much. I’ve take a couple of online classes before, but this was by far the most interactive one, granted this course is different than all other courses. I learned how to make gifs and use GIMP, MPEG Streamclip, how to use iMovie and so much more. DS106 is really an valuable class to take and I am so glad I have the opportunity to take it. Sure there were bumpy places along the ds106 road, but I made it safe and sound to this final destination. Thanks for all your help Alan, you were a big support to me this semester! Thanks to all my fellow ds106ers as well! We were able to encourage and inspire one another to do our best! WE DID IT!!

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