The New Adventures of Old George

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Ever since George came to the big city from Africa, he’s been going on adventures with his best friend Ted.  Whether it was flying over the city in balloons or eating lightening bugs, George has always been up for anything!  His last adventure with Ted was too close a call for George.  He realized that he is missing so much in his life without someone to share it with (besides Ted).  So, George began a new and different journey than he was unaccustomed to.

With Ted’s help, George created his very own dating profile.  He read that more than half of relationships start online now, so he was up to give it a try.  He joined OkCupid and began sharing everything that made him unique.

First, George had to edit a photo of himself.  According to Ted, all the photos he has makes him look young and cartoonish, so he vamped up a photo and made himself look more classy and sophisticated.

Profile Pic

After adding his profile picture, he thought a personality quiz would be a good way to see if other monkeys have the same interests as him.  He used a free website to create five questions for those lovely ladies to answer.  If you think you and George are right for each other, just take the quiz and find out!  But be wary!  He’s very picky in his answers.

After looking over his profile one last time, George realized it was kind of drab.  He decided to add some music to it to spruce it up!  He chose two of his favorite songs and mashed them together to add some character to his site.  He loves dancing to them every time he edits his profile!

When George answered the question “What’re you up to now?” on his dating profile, he talked about his acting career and how he just starred in an action packed documentary about his life.  Being a confident and show-offy movie star, George wanted to publicize his movie on his site.  He posted the trailer to draw the attention of the ladiesss.  His movie is called “The Rise of Curious George”.

Finally, George knew his profile was ready to be published.  He didn’t want to wait any longer before messaging with those George-crazed lady monkeys.  So, he posted his profile and sat back to wait for the messages to pour in.

George, as pompous as he is, was right!  It only took a few minutes before his profile started getting hits (I mean…how many monkeys are dating out there?)  He liked three ladies in particular:


Girl Monkey


Girl Monkey 2

and Alex:

Girl Monkey3

Decisions, decisions.  After viewing each of their profiles and asking them to take his personality quiz, George learned something about himself.  He doesn’t like ladies!  All this time, he thought something was missing in his life.  But he came to realize that the only thing missing was his admission to himself that he loves Ted!


After running to Ted and telling him what he realized, Ted just looked at him and said… “I know.  I was waiting for you to come to the realization on your own.  I’m glad you finally did.”  And so, in the end, George and Ted walked off into the sunset together.

It wasn’t until later that they both realized they are of completely different species and so it would never work out.  So they just decided to remain best friends.  But there is always that awkwardness of when they both reach for something and brush hands and don’t know what to do.  Or when people ask if they’re together.  They’ll work it out.


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