The Royal Baby Stroller

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There’s no doubt that the Royal family needs to start prepping for their newest mini-Royal due in July. One necessary purchase will be a stroller. While the Royals are wealth beyond compare, it is no shock that they are also very practical people. Kate, herself, wears her outfits more than once and mixes “regular” priced items with more expensive items into her daily wardrobe.

So it’s really no shock that they would consider practical and functional items for their child. I’m here again with another Storytelling within the web assignment. This time I’m bringing to you the Royal Stroller.

In doing some research it seems that Kate might consider this stroller by Mammas and Papas, a British based store. While the price may still cause sticker shock to many, it is a practical, lightweight stroller that is perfect of a busy Royal mom on the go!

I did some minor editing to the website and here is what I came up with. Make sure to go to the link below to see more detail!

Royal Baby Stroller

Royal Baby Stroller

I’ve got just a few more assignments to do before the big story reveal! Stay tuned!

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