Tony Lives On, Well… at least for a little

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Tony Soprano was last seen in the summer of 2007 sitting down to eat dinner with his family…

Following this he was shot and was in a coma for the past 50 years, leading to his astonishment when he woke up to this:

Cubs Hat

Needless to say, he was quite astonished, feeling like he woke up in the Twilight Zone he turned on the radio to now hear this:

What is going on in the world?  Not only did the Cubs actually win a World Series, but Bush is still in office?  He looked outside but everything was the same as before.  Just the same old yard and cars, no flying cars, no houses in the sky, just the normal atmosphere.


As he walked out to the street to grab his newspaper, he opened it up and saw something that he never expected to see…


There he was… cast in a broadway play to his astonishment.  For the past several decades, his body had been cloned in order to make a broadway actor.  And just like it had happened many times before:

It happened again, and he never came back

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