Where in the world is Kate Middleton?

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Only a couple more assignments to complete before the big reveal!

The next assignment for my final story is the Google Map Trip (2 stars). I don’t want to give to much away. But Kate and William do go to Nepal in the story. I’m not giving specifics. But just know that there is some drama and secrecy that cause the trip to occur and they booked their royal private jet for one way…

To create this map, I just went to google and started typing in places. I figured I’d through in a few extra stops in between, they might need fuel. Since this is a fake story, I am getting a bit creative with this part. I am sure that in reality something like this would never happen, but that’s the joy of being able to play with the truth in DS106. Also I think pregnant women aren’t allowed to fly after a certain point, but once again I am just rolling with it. I will tell you that Kate will be 6 months pregnant at this point in the story.

Here’s the travel plan:

Travel Log

And map

map of travel


Any guesses on what’s happening in the story or why Kate and William are going to Nepal?

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