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What is Storytelling?

Here is my week 3 post, “What is Storytelling?”. After reviewing what this young ds106′er wrote a few months ago, I find that I still share a similar definition of what storytelling generally is, but understand the concepts WAY better. I now know what it takes to create a story of your own using a variety of medias, wheras previously my only skill to tell a story was to write it in paragraphs or tell it verbally. I now have the tools and knowledge to tell a story using pictures, video, audio, or a combination of them all. Acquiring these skills has given me a much deeper and more meaningful understanding of storytelling.


Final Project Reflection

Here is a list of the posts used for the final story project:

Abe Lands in NYC

New of Abe Spreads

Abe Tries His Hand At Craigslist

Abe Lincoln – Master of Karaoke

Overall, I am satisfied with the result of the final story project. I definitely had a lot of fun creating it, and hopefully that shows in the work. I hope others view it as a light-hearted, fun, story that brought them a few laughs. This assignments was the perfect capstone to the course, as it gave us freedom to use a plethora of skills that we have been working on throughout the semester.


ds106 Contributions

I think I was moderately active in the ds106 community this semester. While I am not too involved in the “twittersphere”, I do make every attempt to stay active within my blog, responding to comments that merit a response, etc. I was admittedly lazy on commenting on my peers blogs when it was not required, however that does not mean I wasn’t looking through their blogs every week. During the group project I was extremely involved, and I assumed the leader role for my group. I compiled and edited the works of all of my partners into one radio show.


Tutorials/Assignments/Daily Create contributions

Here is a link to my post describing the two assignments I submitted.

Here is a link to my post describing the Daily Creates I submitted.

Tutorial 1

Tutorial 2


Best Work Category

Here is the link to my “Best Work” category. I did not have this category throughout the semester, so it was fun to look back through my old assignments and pick out my favorites. I limited the selections to five, and tried to pull them from a variety of medias. I chose these five based on my satisfaction with the final product of the assignment, the creativity and effort that was put into it, and the feedback via comments. I think if I had to choose my favorite work for the semester it would be the Photoblitzin’ work. I will always have fond memories of having a photo-shoot with lobsters.


Message To Future Students

START YOUR WORK EARLY! That is essentially the key to success in this class. On weeks I didn’t start early I suffered, on weeks I did start early I excelled.



Closing Comments

ds106 is an experience that I will always carry with me. Truly, ds106′er for life.

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