Part Four: Escaping

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For part four of my final project, I chose to forgo the assignments in the assignment bank again.

I wanted to make the final part of my story as mysterious as possible. I thought a security camera catching her leaving with a strange man would be intriguing…

I am taking some “artistic” liberties with the Alice of this story. There was a short series on Syfy called “Alice” which had a dark-haired Alice. Since the Alice in my story is supposed to be an adult like the Alice in this show… I made her dark-haired, too.

I had never seen the entire series, so I wasn’t sure if I could find a video of Alice and the Hatter running together somewhere. They had to be together or else it would have been strange…

Searching on YouTube wasn’t helpful, so I ended up just watching the entire series during Finals Week. I finally found a scene where Alice and the Hatter are running away from a Jabberwocky!

I took the YouTube clip with PwnYouTube and loaded it into Sony Vegas Movie Studio. I knew the program had a TV Simulator which is exactly what I needed.

I tried a lot of styles of the TV Simulator and the Timecode plugin until I finally got something that looked grainy, dark, and pixely.

This was the one time where I was actually trying to get to the worst possible video quality.

There’s no sound either, because… well.. security cameras don’t have sound.

Final Project

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