Part Three: Plotting

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For part three of my assignment, I didn’t pick a specific assignment. I wanted to create the letter that Alice is sent while she is in the psychiatric hospital.

I went onto Deviant Art and found a stock image of notebook paper.



I figured it would be crumpled, ripped out of a notebook in a hurry.

The hardest part was finding a font/handwriting for the Mad Hatter. I didn’t want it to be so hard that people couldn’t read it, but I didn’t want it to look girly or normal. I asked my roommate what she thought and she said to find a font that resembled my handwriting.

Peak from was the closet I could find, and I thought it fit will.


I put together a letter that I thought someone would write in a rush and wrote it out on Corel Paint Shop Pro.

I scratched out “insane” because I figured there would be at least one word or sentence scratched out in a normal letter.

I also wanted to make the story a little bit more mysterious by including only Mad Hatter’s initials.

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