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I am normally on Pinterest 24/7 and it has not gotten any slower from there I am always on it looking for new thing to find. Therefore I thought that incorporating my final project with something that I love to do was a must. I made a list of some of the items that Pocahontas would have and gotten as gifts from John Smith it was aa pretty simple task. Pinterest might be hard for someone that has never used it before but I think it is the easiest thing in the world all you would have to do is search for something and pin it to a new board and that is what I did. I looked up expensive items that I would want my future husband to get me and made a new board and put it on there. And here is what my board looks like:

  • Girls just wanna hav
  • Once the dealer said
  • Flower diamond oval
  • I just needed anothe
  • I don't know why she
  • Prada heels - Who ne
  • Prada Suede Double S
  • So in LOVE with oran
  • Prada Perforated Saf
  • I still love animals
  • Prada is a girls bes
  • I love all of this!
  • I try to look cute
  • My favorite is this
  • Don't think that I j
  • My 3 58ct Vintage Ra

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