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Dirty Mouth? Clean It With a Biscuit!

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This week, we must do 10 stars of assignments from the assignment bank….HOWEVER we can do 10 stars from any category, but the catch is that all 10 must relate to our character and be collaborated with someone else’s character.  AND WE GET EXTRA POINTS IF WE ACTUALLY WORK WITH THE PERSON WE’RE COLLABORATING WITH.

So all of my assignments this week will be done with Kelsey & her main squeeze Stella Vaughn

The first assignment I did this week was with my girl Kelsey. Her character, Stella Vaughn, and my character, Blair Morgan have been up to no good since their latest appearance on Noir Not the Father.

We did the assignment entitled: Who Called? (4 stars).

The task was as follows:

Record you self making a phone call as if you were a character off of the wire. The phone call has to be to another character from the wire. You can even make it a three way or four way call. You phone call can even be a voicemail as if someone didn’t pick up. Customize it as much as you like! The phone call has to be at least 2 minutes.

Side note, we didn’t know what the wire was so we ignored that part. YOLO. We’re rebellious. Get at us.

We decided to have  a conversation about something that we had done on Noir Not the Father (You can listen in on Thursday (tonight) to see what that is all about).

We came up with a lovely script, that really portrayed the lives of our beautiful characters. We then recorded it in 2 takes. The first we messed up right away, but the second time was solid. GO US. Then we downloaded sound and mashed them into the voice recording.

Kelsey OBVIOUSLY played Stella, while I played Blair. We are very close to our characters at this point in the semester, and it is awesome how much of a storyline we have built between them from the radio show.

Here are the sounds we downloaded.
Telephone Hanging Up
Phone Ringing
Dial Tone
Phone Buttons

We put everything together and it came out to be 1:59.78 and we decided that was close enough to 2 minutes. We rounded up. I’m a math major and I say that it is okay to round up.

Here is our final piece of work.

4 down, 6 to go!

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