An assignment of my very own!

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Today I created my very own assignment for the first time! And I must say it felt great! I really hope other DS106ers in the future will do my assignment and have fun with it!

The idea behind my assignment is simple, watch one of those optical illusion videos that make everything look like its moving around, and then try to recreate what it looked like using image editing software. Here is my attempt at my own assignment:

Optical Illusions

After I watched the video I looked out my window and that is what I saw! Here is a link to my assignment in the bank!

I sat around thinking for a long time about what type of assignment I would want to create! I have a very cool idea for another assignment that would probably be worth around 5 stars, however I tried for like three hours to setup the software and I kept failing! Hopefully it will be the next one I do though.

I had always liked looking at those videos, so I thought it would be cool to try an capture what I had seen after having seen it! I am pretty pleased with the results!

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