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“Never snort heroin”, that was a really hard lesson Mia Wallace learned in Pulp Fiction. Heroin is not cocaine it does not go up your nose, it should not go near your nose, it shouldn’t have anything to do with anyone anyway, but that’s besides the point.

On that fateful night Vincent Vega:

Had orders from his boss, Marsellus Wallace:

To take his wife, Mia Wallace:

Out on the town for a good time. Instead this is what happened:

In case the embedding doesn’t work, here is a direct link.

I thought the assignment of trying to fit music that fit a scene from a movie to be very fun, and challenging. At first I thought I would take the final scene from Blackadder, but I couldn’t think of any good music, next I thought about taking an over the top scene from Crank II, but much of that movie was set to the tune of music anyway, so it made it hard to pick some other music. Eventually I decided on the above seen from Pulp Fiction.

Once I thought about that scene I instantly new that Marilyn Manson’s song Dope Show, would be a perfect match, however I didn’t know it would be this perfect. I played around with lining up the audio in iMovie so when she went down to snort the drugs, the song says drugs! So that was an awesome start, then I noticed just around the time of the cut the music change drastically, so I really wanted to get it to match when the cut ends, so I elongated the cut by a few seconds to make it better match the music! And I think it turned out awesome!

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