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What do the lives of Jewels, Vincent, and Bruce all have in common? They (sort of) worked for Marcellus Wallace. In the movie Pulp Fiction, there lives were twisted together in a very unforgettable way, perhaps even one of them doesn’t survive. The lines were blurry throughout that movie, the scenes weren’t put into the correct order. Everything in that movie is blurry, nothing really makes sense, not at first at least. Its kind of like when I wake up in the morning, before putting my contacts in… Everything is very blurry. The poster really should have been this:

Pulp Fiction Poster

I created this poster for today’s daily create. I very much loved the examples found here. They were fantastic. It looked to me as if they had been done using watercolors (not 100% sure), however I don’t have access to water colors, so I attempted to fake the effect by using Photoshop. I wanted the idea of the blurry nature of the basic Photoshop brush tool to be inherent in the poster, and also connected to the movie itself in some way. I thought about it for awhile and I eventually decided on creating a simple poster for Pulp Fiction.

Like in most of Tarantino’s films, dialog plays a central role, and thus the characterizes are very much the most important aspect of his movies, therefore I wanted the movie poster to focus on the three main characters of the film. Furthermore I attempted to highlight the ambiguity of the film, by making the characters themselves blurry.

As for actually creating this poster, I created a blank Photoshop document of size 8.5 x 11 inches. I then set to work with just the Photoshop brush too. It was a very simple process, however I think the poster came out pretty well!


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