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I really enjoyed the intro of the radio show.  For a second, I thought I was actually listening to the radio. Amanda did a great job with informing the viewer of what to look forward to. There is a bit of background noise, but it isn’t too distracting to me. Ashlyn’s section of the radio show was great! The background music really help set the mood as she was talking about a very serious issue. The sound effects that were added helped me imagine what it would be like to leave my son or daughter at school or forget to do something important. The transitions between each of the hosts is pretty well done. It’s really smooth and slowly slides in. The audio doesn’t just jump out at you which is a good thing. Stephanie’s voice during her section of the show is a bit quiet compared to all of the other pieces of audio before it. The rest of the show is fine in my opinion. It’s well informative and is also pretty  down to earth. I felt really relaxed throughout the whole show.

To conclude, I would give this show a 4.5/5 stars. The way this radio group used sound effects to add more to the mood of this heavily informative show really helped it in the long run. I would just raise Stephanie’s audio levels a bit higher so it matches everyone else’s. There wasn’t any immersion breaking background noise or anything  distracting. The overall structure of the show was good. They began with some really serious issues, but ending with a pretty nice one about chocolate being in pill form, so you wouldn’t be feeling a bit sad after it ended.

For our radio show,  I believe it came out pretty well. Although, I feel like I could’ve edited the show to flow a bit better. The overall structure of the show show is pretty good. I mean it would’ve been a bit weird if the costume and events weren’t back to back. All of the music fits pretty well with the theme of the show. For the most part, the music wasn’t too loud. There should’ve been a bit more variety with he music though instead of This is Halloween over and over. The sound effects though were pretty good. The cats adds to the spookiness of the show and also goes with the hosts’ logo. The actual audio of the show could use a bit more work. I could hear a bit of background noise during Kelsey’s and Sean’s story and that was a bit distracting at first. Miles’ voice was a bit quiet compared to his background music and it  would’ve helped if his voice level was a bit higher.

Overall, the show is still pretty interesting and it had me hooked until it finished. It was nice to take in a lot of info from the history of Halloween and then relax with the story afterwards. I would give this radio show 3.5 stars out of 5 and it would be close to 5 stars if some of the audio was leveled correctly and the background music being quieter during some sections.

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