The Silent Suicide Squad

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Yesterday, I was going through my things and found this gem. It is footage from the Suicide Squad back when silent films were really popular. As you can see, the film is bit blurry and hard to watch. Probably from all of the wear and tear. If you look close enough, you see that the actors look rather similar to the ones in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie. In fact, the clip itself looks almost identical to one of the recent trailers. It’s pretty strange if you ask me. I will continue to see if I can dig up some more clips of this lost film and get back to you guys.

For this four and half star assignment, I decided to use one of the Suicide Squad trailers and edit it to make it like a silent movie. The only reason why I chose this over any other trailer is because I am a big fan of the comics and I am excited to see how it transfers over to film. To create this assignment, I used the program, Sony Vegas Pro 13. I’ve had it for awhile now and I have a lot of experiences using it in the past for assignments and just for fun.

Other than the standard and straightforward editing, I used some Film Effects shown below to make the project resemble a silent film.Untitled2I also used Film Grain as an effect to help the project look even older.

After 30 minutes of processing, I uploaded the video to YouTube and tweeted it out. It was bit time consuming, but it wasn’t all too hard.

I hope you guys enjoyed my video!

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