Week 10 Summary

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Here are my daily creates for this week:





Here are my video assignments for a total of nine stars:



Here are my blog posts on film:



This week’s assignments were pretty good. I was able to tell some stories with the videos I created and I learned a bit more about how to analyze film. I believe Roger Ebert is correct on how we should analyze film and the method he talked about, pausing whenever you can, is the one that I used when I wanted to analyze film before. ¬†However, I now think it is better to use your senses to analyze films or scenes from films.

I didn’t have any trouble making the videos because I have some experience creating videos for other classes and for fun, but I never thought about adding a story to them before taking this class. I think I did a pretty good job telling creating a new story out of the Suicide Squad trailer and summarizing Akira in 13 seconds

I commented on Amanda’s blog post about her Selfie story and Rachel’s Horrorgami Daily Create. They both did really well on their assignments and I love seeing all the different ways my classmates complete the assignments.

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