Being Stubborn with Myself

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I probably should’ve listened to myself. I stayed up all night watching stuff on Netflix and ended up oversleeping, so I missed out on some stuff I wanted to do. Oh well, now I know. For those that are reading this, I hope that you can learn my mistake.

For this¬†assignment, I decided to be stubborn with myself. I figured the video would be a bit humorous for the viewer to see me arguing with myself, so I decided to go with that rather than anything else. I ended ¬†up using the camera on my phone to record each shot because I didn’t have actually have a working camera with me even though I thought I did. Anyway, it didn’t take long for me to record everything. I just pressed the record button on my phone and began saying my lines with long pauses between each of them. I repeated the same method for the other shot as well and everything turn out better than expected.jsldhf

I inserted both clips into Sony Vegas and used the Split Tool to cut them up and rearrange them in the correct order. After adding the Credits and Title card, I exported the video as a 720p Portrait video and then uploaded it to YouTube.

I hope you all enjoyed this wacky video from me! I haven’t done anything like this before, but I might do it again just for fun.

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