Week 11/12 Weekly Summary

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Here is my post for all of my daily creates over the last two weeks:


Here are all of my Video Assignments that I completed for these two weeks:







Looking back on these last two weeks,  I really did tell a lot of different stories in various ways. Some of the videos I made focused mroe on the audio, while others focused on the visuals and even a combination of the two. I believe the videos, Cyclist and the Inanimate Motion Video, were my best works because I used the combination of audio and visuals to tell a story by supporting one another. If these videos were stripped of their audio or visuals, they definitely would be the same. For example, you wouldn’t know what is going on in the Inanimate Motion assignment if there was just audio and no visuals of the fight. If I removed the audio from the Cyclist video, then it would look like just a bunch of people riding on bikes with no context, so you can’t really have one without the other when creating videos.

I feel like I could’ve completed the Conversation assignment a bit better if had a working camera or a better set up for my iPhone. The same goes for the Inanimate Motion video. If my phone didn’t fall over and I didn’t have to hold it the whole time, it would’ve looked a bit more professional. Everything else was fine though because I have some experience with creating videos. I really enjoyed seeing the methods some of my classmates used to create their videos.

To conclude, combining both the audio and the visuals is essential for telling a story using video. Video editing software makes storytelling a lot simpler for the user because you can add various effects and transitions to help complete the story. It’s also good to make sure everything flows well before exporting and uploading it to a site like YouTube. If the timing is off, your story could be completely ruined, so make sure that doesn’t happen.

Thanks for checking out all of my work this week. I hope you enjoyed it

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