The Life Of An Emo Kid

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An Emo Kid

This upcoming comic series is a What-If story about me. How would my life be different right now if I got piercings and dyed my hair back in middle school or high school? What if I decided to be stubborn to everyone and shut myself off from everything? What if I decided to wear make-up from now on?  Everything would be drastically different if I decided to do a complete 180, so follow what happens to emo me in my new upcoming comic, Life Of An Emo Kid releasing tomorrow morning on my website and in hobby shops worldwide!

For this six star remix assignment, I decided to draw or cartoon myself and add an emo touch to it rather than anyone else. As you can see, I also tried to make it like an advertisement  for an upcoming comic that I was making to tell an even deeper story. A story about an upcoming comic artist who is a pretty nice guy, but wonders what would happen if his personality was flipped upside down.

To create this assignment, I sketched out the drawing on some computer paper and traced it once I was done.  I then scanned it to my computer after erasing leftover pencil marks.IMG_1439

The next step was to open the image up in GIMP and add color to the tip of the hair along with some text and a speech bubble b using the Text Tool.


Once I was satisfied with everything, I exported the image as a .JPG and uploaded it to my Flickr account.

I hope you all enjoyed my remixed assignment! It was an interesting take on myself because I’ve never really imagined being emo.

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