Week 13 & 14 Summary

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Here is the link to my Daily Creates:


Here is the link to my Remix Generator assignment:


Here are the links to 9 stars worth of Remix assignments:



Now here is my blog post about what I think of remixes:


We spent the last two weeks learning about remixes. I ended up remixing two movie posters together, mashing up clips from a show in order tell a story about the main character, and taking a classmate’s work and adding some emo traits to it. We also needed to watch a few videos that talked about the ┬átrouble with remixes and what exactly was a remix. I learned quite a bit form those videos and found out that just about everything is a remix. Even most of the assignments that I have completed for this course could considered a remix. Figurines are remixes of the character or object that they are replicating, cooking a dish for dinner is also a remix. The problem is that when you remix certain works, you run into copyright and I persoally believe that everybody should be allowed to take something and add to it without worrying about facing lawsuits. Remixes are just another form of art and shouldn’t troublesome. At leasts we have Fair Use to help combat against it, but it doesn’t help all of the time like I mentioned in my blog post about what a remix is.

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