What is a Remix?

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Did anyone else have the same revelation that I did when you learned about remixes? I never really thought about it before, but I guess I have remixed a lot of works. Like my most recent video assignments that I have completed were actually remixes in a way. The Taylor Swift music video with classical music was a pretty light remix. I used Taylor’s work to create something new and unique out of it just buy removing the original audio and adding a new piece of audio to it.

The replay video of a pie attack that I made is also a remix for the same reason that I used someone else’s work and added something new to it. In this case, I added the losing horn sound and a replay effect to make it seem more comedic rather than just some ruthless prank. In the original video, you don’t see anything like the effects I added, just the victim swearing and chasing after the prankster.

I’ve done a few more remixes, but the last one we will look at is my Akira in 13 Seconds video that I did for one of the past assignments. This one is pretty obvious remix of the animated film where I critique  the story between Tetsuo and Kaneda, so one would be able to watch this video and understand a large part of the film. The remix came from some clips of the movie and rearranged in different way.

It’s not something I like to think  about often, but I could be breaking some copyright laws by doing this and I even had a few of my videos taken down from YouTube almost immediately because of them. The videos and just about all remixes should fall under Fair Use, but websites like YouTube ignore that because of their automated system that searches for possible violations. I know it is important to stop someone form infringing at all cost, but this stops the creative mind of those who want people to see what they made out of someone else’s work.

I stand by the fact that remixes are another form of creativity and art. Like it was mentioned in many of the videos covering remixes: Everything is a remix. It’s true, in order for us to grow and evolve we need to keep adding on to each other’s work in order to progress or else we will be stuck in place for quite a while.

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