ds106 Ultimatum Plan

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Agent Annabella Smith [Megan Carey] and I will be working together to compile a dossier and build a case against Professor Bond and catch him conspiring with the Russians. As of yet, for the final mission, we plan on compiling a journal of sorts of our encounters and escapades as we try to track down and expose the plot being formulated by the nefarious Professor Bond. We don’t exactly know yet what he’s up to or who else is involved in this plot, but we’re planning on including several pieces of evidence to support the case as we go along. In addition to narrative accounts of the story, these pieces will probably include things like audio clips of discreetly gathered conversations (audio assignments), documents like passports linking Professor Bond to espionage activists (design assignments), maps that track Professor Bond’s travels throughout the world (web), photos of locations or people connected to the story (visual) and many others. We plan on splitting the workload evenly with respect to each of our strengths and collaborating on the plot of the mission.

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