Final Mission Update

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Well the time has come. We all know Canada and Russia have been conspiring against us all along. President Trump was planted specifically for this purpose. He can try to deny his Russian contacts all he wants but we know the truth. It all goes down next week. The Washington Capitals are in Toronto for the Stanley Cup playoffs and thats where Agent A will make her move. She’ll start off by making them think nothing is wrong. Maybe even post a video of herself watching the game from home. Just when she has them thinking they safe, she’ll pounce! Agent A has heard rumors that one of our own might be working with them as a double agent….it’s time to find out who that agent is and take the enemy down once and for all!


On that note, Agent A is off to take a 2nd loot at some of those twitter polls from earlier this week and start working on her plan of attack.

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