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One of the assignments this week in DS106 was to create and respond to Twitter polls created about our Secret Agent characters. Each day of the week, different students were assigned to create polls about certain characters in the course for the rest of the class to answer. The polls were meant to ask the class a question about a certain agent character and see what they thought the answer would be, as opposed to asking the agent in question directly. It was an interesting method for character building, or at least providing inspiration to the students to whom the agent identities belonged.

I had fun both answering and creating polls. On Thursday, before creating the polls, I searched for information on the four agents I was assigned–a bit of a “background check,” if you will. I read up on the agents on their agent bios and watched their interview videos, if they made one. I needed some inspiration to go on; I wanted to create polls that had some relevance to the students’ characters.

I spent a while coming up with the polls, until I was proud of them. I just wrote down the questions and answers in a Google doc. Perhaps I should have drafted the polls in Twitter, because my questions and answers did not fit into the allotted space that was provided by Twitter. Although, maybe it wasn’t such a bad thing. I was happy with my results and I was able to host the polls elsewhere, on a site called easypolls I have used to create polls for UMW Accounting Club to vote on. I tweeted the question that was asked with the poll, along with hashtags for the agent the poll was about and the ds106 poll hashtag, and links to the polls themselves.

You can find my tweets, along with the matching poll and results, below:

My polls were mostly humorous, although they might be able to be used as inspiration for other students’ character stories. Maybe Ruby the Cat will be featured in one of Agent GO’s upcoming works? Perhaps we will get a story about Roderick Rush getting into petty arguments on the Internet? Will we see Scarlett Jones wearing a U of A hoodie? Will Seth MacFarlane continue to be a weenie? Well, maybe that part isn’t relevant…

At least, I certainly fulfilled the part of this assignment about having fun with it!

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