1. 3lilangels

    It’s Week Twelve. . . Almost There!


    The knowledge is tremendous! The video’s are great . . . Week Twelve video was short and sweet – directly to the point:

    Red and I got our Agency Noir Illusions registered early on so that we could get our case and get to working on it . . .…

  2. 3lilangels

    Week 11 What More Can I Say!!


    Week 11 – seems nice and short plus the video was also short but still very informative! Low and behold though it may seem short but far from it . . . lots of work. . . work . . . work!!

    This week we started forming our Agency . …

  3. 3lilangels

    Daily Creates times two please!!


    I got to say “Happy Birthday” to Maggie Black by creating her a birthday card! This was a great daily create because it keeps us on our toes, sends a message, and satisfies one of our assignments! What more could you ask for. I haven’t work much with her but …

  4. 3lilangels

    Noir Illusions Agency Business Card



    I am George Staniski – Field Agent for the Noir Illusions Agency. I’m here to help you solve any case you may have and I have a few of my own I’ll always be working on until they are solved! We at the agency want to make your illusions …

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