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    To Review a Week


    This week was a little challenging with the amount of writing. I think I’m good at writing, but I’m more used to writing a ten page paper, not a bunch of little assignments.

    I did two assignments relating to movies which I really enjoyed. LadyHawke is my mom’s favorite movie, …

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    The 80’s


    I watched the first episode of The Eighties where the producers delved into the emergence of contemporary TV during this decade. The episode started off with the conclusion of MASH which was very popular during the 70s. In addition, the episode discussed the creation of sitcoms and day-time TV into …

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    The Onion’d Article


    2 Stars

    Amy Klobuchar: Time to focus on me rather than the other candidates

    Ms. Klobuchar
    stated that she is tired of moderators not paying attention to her. She is a
    candidate as well and she should be payed attention to. She isn’t as radical or
    as flashy as some …

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    5 Albums that Shaped Your Taste


    2 Stars

    Below are the 5 albums that shaped my taste. I have a rather eclectic music taste and this photo certainly shows that.

    My favorite songs from each of the albums are as follows:

    Every album, except for Lewis Capaldi, I grew up listening to, so they all have …

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    Write a Movie Review


    3 Stars

    Movie: LadyHawke

    Synopsis: LadyHawke is a love story. The movie
    starts out focusing on a pick pocketer named Phillipe “The Mouse” Gaston. The
    Mouse is cornered by some guards, but Etienne Navarre rescues him. Navarre’s hawk follows them and scouts to see if there is any
    trouble ahead …

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    A Week in Review


    I learned a lot this past week. The Daily Creates were fun to go through and spend five minutes thinking about what applied to each of them. I had to spend a little time thinking about a phrase that I hear a lot in my hometown.

    The assignment bank has …

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    Write Yourself into History


    13 July 1985, Wembley Stadium

    This was the best night ever! We all
    went on a vacation to England. We are spending a few days in London and then we
    are going to go and see Stonehenge and Bath. Later on, this week we are going
    to go to Scotland …

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    What Would the World Look Like if…


    For this design assignment I asked myself: What would the world look life if the Berlin Wall never fell?

    This is a difficult question because so many events happened before the fall of the Berlin Wall. To appropriately complete this assignment I had to set a few rules in my …

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    Daily Create: Daydreaming


    I daydream about my next travel locations and what I would like to be doing there. I have many countries on by bucket list, but Greece is one of my top choices. I’ve always had a fascination with the mythology (Percy Jackson fan!) and I would love to see where …

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    This just in…


    This week was a learning experience! The hardest part of this week was learning how to use and navigate WordPress because I’ve never used it before. I have discovered throughout this week that WordPress is a bit of a pain and that I have to block off a good portion …

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    Being Raised in the 80’s


    To start off with, no I was not actually born in the 80’s, I was born in 1998. However, my parents grew up in that time and while they did adapt with the times, they still kept a foot in the 80’s. By the time I was 5 years old, …

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    Hello everyone, my name is Abby Cassell and I am a senior at UMW majoring in International Affairs with a minor in Business French! I love reading, travelling, and watching Netflix. I’m excited to learn more about digital media and how I can effectively use it in day to day …

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