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    Tweet tweet


    This week I did the tweet along on Wednesday the 18th. I have to say that it was rather confusing but it was an interesting story. I still really enjoy the tweet along because it is interesting to see what other people opinions are of the same thing that I …

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    Our radio show has a great concept (at least in my opinion) and the poster that Justin created really shows that. It is a small town that looks abandoned with only shadow left. It gives a little brief overview into what our show will be about if you listen to …

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    Dead Silence


    My group has decided to make a radio show about our characters and how they are intertwined. We have started to come up with a script that is three acts in length. Before we can start out recording we have started to make a script. It is still a work …

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    5 weeks done


    This week was interests. I really like visual design so this being design was a good week :). I started out with doing my daily creates. This week we had to do 3 of them and they were interesting ones. I really enjoyed doing the ones that involved pictures …

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    copy what


    I actually have never found a reason where copyright has been a problem. When I write papers I have always been told to make sure I give credit and the same thing when editing songs and images. There is something that I did find really annoying with copyright and that …

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    Another noir movie


    I watched Billy Wilder’s Double Indemnity. Just to start off I want to say that it was rather boring and it may have been because it was in black and white or it may have just been a boring movie. Something that I found really interesting though was a part …

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    Not classical music just a book


    When I was trying to read this I was also listening to classical music and I found it really funny that the song that came on when I started to read the title was Pachelbel Canon in D. I just thought the tittle of this could also be a good …

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    For this assignment we were asked to take pictures that fit into different categories. This is my DesignBlitz!


    In this category we had to find things that represents color. It could be lack of color that makes the thing have more meaning like the pictures that I picked. The …

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    Lyrical Typography


    Another assignment that I completed was called Lyric Typography Poster worth 4 stars. This assignment asked us to make a typography using our favorite lyrics. I just took some lyrics out of the song I was listening to when I was doing this homework (Me Against the World by 2Pac). …

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    Valentines Day Noir


    The next assignment I did was called Noir Valentines worth 2 star.  What we have to do was pick a picture and make it into a valentines day card. The image I chose was of a police office smoking. The movie it was from id The Dude’s Talk and it …

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    The Daily Police Bulliet


    The first assignment that I did of the design assignments is the Newspaper design worth 3 star. What was asked to do was to make a newspaper that you personally design. I made mine about Sheriff Caleb (my noir character). This newspaper is what the officers in his area decided …

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    Everyday creates week 5


    This week we were asked to complete 3 daily creates. I started out doing the one on Monday 2/9 which was to make a portrait for David because it was his birthday. Here is mine:

    The second daily create I did was on Tuesday 2/10 which we were asked to …

  13. abigaild

    Week 4 over!!!


    So this week was not my favorite but now that I am done I can say that I did enjoy it. I love music and playing around with adding different things to songs but not for a grade so I hope I achieved the intended final projects. The first thing …

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    What could we do for a 20-30 minute radio show????

    Combine all of the characters of the people in the group and have them meet and see what happens between each of them Use a popular movie and change it so it fits into the noir theme How about we…
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    Audio makes stories


    Audio is very important for just about everything. Even when you read a book there is still audio but it is what you come up with and what you think would fit. The sound that is found in stories is what changes the mood and tells the audience how they …

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    Made songs


    The last assignment I chose to do was Sound Scapes worth 4 and a half stars. This was a lot of fun so I may of done more than asked haha. The assignment was to make a song only using found sounds. I had a lot of fun with this …

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    Ring Ring


    The second assignment that I did was the Make your own ringtone worth 1 and a half stars. This ringtone is more of a preview for a full song but that’s what ringtones usually are, a clip of the begging of a song. It was fun to make though. The …

  18. abigaild

    Caleb without words


    The Sound Effects Story which is worth 3.5 stars was rather difficult but fun.  Our task was to make a story about our noir character with using only sound effects. The story that I told was Caleb’s life at the end of a work day. All the sounds I used …

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    Let me just tell you how frustrating this bumper was to make. But nun the less I liked this assignment. I spent so long trying to make it better and interesting but still be the appropriate length. I do think I like what the outcome was. For my bumper …

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    Week 4 creativity


    I am still enjoying the daily creates but it is sometimes hard to remember to do it before midnight. I guess that is really only a problem for the people who stay up late at night to do their homework (so me haha). I would have to say that I …

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    End of Week 3


    This week is finally over. Do you know how hard it is to concentrate on blogging when the Superbowl is on? Well only distracting at halftime and commercials. I really love photos so this week was great for me. The first thing we had to do was watch/read different examples …

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    video noir


    I was excited to have to watch movies this week. But then I watched them. The first one called Killer’s kiss uses noir in many ways. The first way is that it is in black and white. Another way is that it is not like a regular movies with people …

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    How I take pictures


    I find that I do take a decent amount of photos. Most of my photos are of my cats or dogs because I always find that the pictures that I don’t take are the ones that I want to show people.

    I also love to take pictures of trips that …

  24. abigaild

    night safari


    This week we were instructed to do a photo safari. There was a list of 9 noir elements and we could chose 5 that we should take pictures to represent. It took a while to take pictures that I felt fit each category but I think I found them.

    dramatic …

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    Create week 3


    The daily creates this week I found not as much fun as last week. I did 3 of them. The first one I completed was on Monday. It was the doodle.

    This one was easy to do because I doodle all the time. I feel like it is something most …

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    Caleb’s bag


    This assignment is called what’s in your bag and it is worth 3 stars. Caleb is a sheriff that prides himself in being able to not need that much to survive each day. I carries very little with him everyday in his bag.

    To start he carries a coffee cup …

  27. abigaild

    Caleb’s A-Z life


    The A-Z photo collage (worth 3 points) was rather difficult to do when I chose to only do pictures about my character. All the pictures I chose represent Caleb in some way. They range from things to do with his job as a sheriff to his random hobbies.

    a- ammunition …

  28. abigaild

    The Swing


    I really like how pictures can influence what words mean to a person. One of the visual assignments that I did was Poetry Art worth 3 stars. The poem that I picked was one that has always been a favorite of mine from my childhood. The picture that I chose …

  29. abigaild

    Chip without a chip


    O how I love Beauty and the Beast. It is just one of the best Disney movies in my opinion. The funny thing is that if you have ever seen the “Phantom of the Opera” it is like the same type of love story as in Beauty and the Beast. …

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