1. Alexander Joseph Carlson

    Analyze a Movie


    So i am gonna try to analyze my favorite movie of all time, The Dark Knight. The dark knight is a action/crime/drama movie and is my favorite for many reasons, the movie sets the mood right and has tons of twist and turns in the plot which is what i …

  2. Alexander Joseph Carlson

    A Bunch of Assignments


    i must apologize these are a bunch of assignments that i posted on the wrong blog so heres a bunch of awesome assignments hope yall enjoy them and ill plan on updating this soon so that you know which assignments they are from sorry for the wait im just usually …

  3. Alexander Joseph Carlson

    My Old Job


    This is where i used to work at burgundy farms summer day camp watching 3-4 year olds for like 8-9 hours a day a lot of work but also a ton of fun i def miss being there cause it was extremely laid back and everyone there were nice and …

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