1. Alexander Joseph Carlson

    Daily Creates!


    This is all of my daily creates up to this point


    tags: tdc20

    this was me just getting used to the camera and figuring out what i can do with blurry pictures


    tags: tdc27

    not a very happy kid


    tags: tdc26

    ahhh yea love taking pictures of …

  2. Alexander Joseph Carlson

    Reflections on Web 2.0 Storytelling


    i really liked how they went into describing blogging as a diary that people use online i feel like that is very appropriate because when you write in a diary you write everything that you feel like expressing, for internet blogging you can basically do the same because you can …

  3. Alexander Joseph Carlson

    What is web 2.0 reflection


    the article “what is web 2.0″ was pretty cool i felt like to me that it described the evolution of the web itself and went into detail like how netscape basically laid the foundation for others like google to come inand add on more and more stuff slowly helping to …

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