1. adar

    Goodbye CT 101


    So it’s finally the end of the semester. I swear the longer I’m in college the faster it goes by. I swear it was just yesterday I walked in for the first time for the Spring semester.

    This is how I fast it felt going through the semester.

    But I …

  2. adar

    Vaporwave? More Like Neverwave


    Just for full transparency’s sake, I am absolute trash at being artsy and stuff. I can recognize good art and I can even critique it, but I cannot make anything resemble anything that should be looked upon by sane people.

    And today we did vapor wave in class. Yay. It …

  3. adar

    My New Domain


    I have a new domain for CT 101 now! I already have a domain but it acts as an online portfolio (and I was messing around with it so now it might be.. slightly… broken, I’ll fix it eventually though), for my code so I’d rather not use WordPress on …

  4. adar



    I have two posters that I was messing around with:

    I chose this one because I knew I could have fun with these the moment I saw it. The potential it had spoke to me. So yes, I chose it cuz I thought it was pretty funny and wanted to …

  5. adar

    My New Customized Spanking Domain


    I have a new domain for this class! I have another domain that’s acting more as a portfolio of my work. This was actually pretty fun of messing around trying to figure stuff out on this site. I actually did find the plugin that secures my server with SSL and …

  6. adar

    It Lives! Kinda. Not Really.


    So today in class we made a gif and I think mines turned out pretty well. It’s just a little animation of some random dude’s portrait I found on Google Images.

    It was a bit harder to do than I thought but that was just because I couldn’t keep up …

  7. adar

    9PM vs 2AM


    In today’s class we were doing panoramic photos and telling a story with them. We decided to do a “drunk vs sober” story, where on one side we’re sober but on the next we’re drunk.

    This took more work than we thought it’d be but it was a bit fun …

  8. adar

    Layers Upon Layers, a DS106 Assignment


    So today in class we had to deal with layers and basically have some sort of blur effect in progress going on with anyone or anything.

    I used Squidward from Spongebob, everyone’s favorite grump and decided to get a bit funny with the many faces of Squidward. The photoshop quality …

  9. adar

    Can Memes Be Art?


    I won’t deny, my first instinct was to say memes weren’t art. I’ve seen too many uninspired memes, whether it was just clips of screaming people, an overused dead meme, or just memes that flat out weren’t funny.

    I was also a bit cautious about memes being the subject for …

  10. adar

    A Gif From Me to You


    So coming into this class, I heard good things from people who’ve already taken it. It’s a fun class and you won’t get assignments crammed down your throat. So I came in a bit… smug. After all, I was gonna be on top of things for this class, I …

  11. adar

    Glory Be To Butcher


    What makes me happy? A good book. But there’s some books in particular I really enjoy, these books are in a series called “The Dresden Files”.

    Basically it’s about a Private Investigator named Harry Dresden who’s also a Wizard. But you know, people think he’s a fraud or just loony …

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