1. adyke

    Ghosts Checking Up


    Today, I captured a photo of the ghost of Nicolas Cage peering into my room. His stuck his ghostly head through the door and what he saw infuriated him. Apparently, ghosts hate messy rooms and I have a feeling that the ghost of Nicolas Cage will be haunting me after …

  2. adyke

    My history and Future with Photography


    When I was a little kid I never wanted to be in the lens of a camera. I enjoyed the act of taking photos and went through a lot of disposable cameras filled with pictures of random things. It was about late middle school that I started to enjoy taking …

  3. adyke

    The Rise of the Girolphin


    Ever since the age of man we have found dolphins to be amazingly smart animals. However there is one thing holding them back from world domination…. their neck. However, in the future, due to genetic modification, dolphins will rise to a level where they rule the ocean with an iron …

  4. adyke

    A True Tail-Gate


    Mr.Waggins fit in perfectly with the tailgate team. A nice soda for this hot dog and hopefully he gets a hot dog too! It may not be normal to wear shades and a button up shirt as a dog but that’s what makes Mr.Waggins the best addition to conversation and …

  5. adyke

    Kanye saying Kanye things


    No person talks more about Kanye then Kanye does and no one believes they are the best like Kanye does.


    This quote I found perfectly shows Kanye’s mentality and determination to be the greatest.

    This was a visual assignment for Ds106 worth 3.5 stars.…

  6. adyke

    Aaron the Adventurer’s Bucket List



    When thinking about what I would want to do before death I had to first figure out things that I enjoy. These things included off-roading, mountain biking, scuba diving, and playing games. I really want to go off-roading (specifically in a nice jeep) out in Moab, Utah because everything …

  7. adyke

    Bringing FedEx back a few decades


    FedEx is a company that is a major shipping company that relies extensively on efficiency and new technology. This is why when going about chinging the logo for FedEx for a visual assignment I decided to bring back the text a few decades.

    This logo shows that FedEx is a …

  8. adyke

    Response to Berenice and Last Respects


    The reading of Berenice was a terribly creepy story read in such a way as to make you feel as if someone is sneaking up on you. The way the reader slowly and steadly creeps through the words made me get an anxious feeling almost ready for something to happen. …

  9. adyke

    Host Character


    The man that speaks the mind of the Aaron Adventure is one of scatterbained-ness. This dialogue flows together and thoughts seem to clump in a way where the structure seems to be a mix between a babbling homeless man and a great intellect. Stating Things that have great thought behind …

  10. adyke

    The Ocean Adventure


    The days of my childhood was filled with adventure, one great adventure was the day I swam to China. I lived very close to the ocean and it was one nice summer day filled with ample amounts of playtime. I decided that It was time to swim across the ocean …

  11. adyke

    A day of Yzma’s life


    Dear Diary,

    Kuzco is still Emperor. However, I plan to change this with my entirely new plan, ruining his groove. Kronk and I have been in the lab today and we have developed a new potion to completely ruin a persons rhythm. With this potion I should be able to …

  12. adyke

    The life and times of Aaron Bilzerian


    There is a certain kind of freedom that everyone should experience in their life, and that is the freedom to do anything and everything you could want at a specific moment. I, Aaron Bilzerian, experience that feeling daily. In the morning I can be standing on my yacht in the …

  13. adyke

    Frank’s New Bed


    View post on imgur.com

    Frank the mutt woke up the to the sound of the mail truck. The mail man, his arch nemesis, must be at the Chihuahua from down the street’s house. No matter the amount that Chihuahua barks he will never give the mail man what he deserves, …

  14. adyke

    Sleep Over Time!


    You know that great moment in sleep overs talking with your friends on their bed and then calling the cuties in your class? Uma Thurman and Obama do!

    I Obama-tized Pulp fiction to get this great photo of Obama and Uma Thurman having a classic sleep over.

    Assignment worth 2 …

  15. adyke

    My Heart goes out


    Today, I was informed that a classmate from Ds106 had their computer crash during the time they were doing work for this class. I was urged to send good news and hope for my fellow classmate. So I made an encouragement video for her here:

    You can make it through …

  16. adyke

    Lightning Fast and Furious


    In the realm of racing movies nothing gets bigger than the Fast and Furious franchise. However there is a competitor to the speed of the Fast and Furious cars, and HIS NAME IS LIGHTNING McQUEEN!

    Lightning McQueen is the king of speed and a naturally nice car. He wins the …

  17. adyke

    Nicki meeting with the Royal Family


    In a momentous occasion popstar icon Nicki Minaj meets with the Royal family and President Obama to talk about foreign policy! EXCLUSIVE PHOTO BELOW:

    This was done for the photo assignment Popstar out of place ds106 assignment worth 4 stars…

  18. adyke

    Never gonna Give up


    Today I made a lip sync to one of my favorite songs by Rick Astley “Never gonna give you up.”

    I enjoy dancing and singing in the shower so there was no doubt that I had to make a great lip syncing to a great song no where else but …

  19. adyke

    Pediophobia comes Alive in me


    Dolls are known to be quite creepy and my siblings and I have all experienced a bit of pediophobia when my mom brings out her old dolls. The thing that really gets me about dolls is the idea of them being tiny people that never age and only decay. The …

  20. adyke

    The Slender Man’s Come Up


    The Slender man is a very interesting character created on the internet. He was first created on a forum and then his image of a tall lanky blank faced man flew through the internet. He never reached outside the internet until he became an almost household name to teens. Slender …

  21. adyke

    Week One Summary


    Week one of ds106 has been interesting. I have never been a large fan of scary movies or the horror genre but I can see how some people may enjoy it. I didn’t enjoy setting up all the accounts due to the fact that I got some massive road rash …

  22. adyke

    The Purple Beast from the Sky


    One dark moonless night a man was gazing at the nothingness in the sky when all the sudden a piece of the sky seemed to move. This piece of sky moved towards a tree and landed on one of the branches. Teh man could see by the faint light of …

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