1. aeros

    Reflect to the Final Project


    So far for this final project, I really enjoy making 5 different types of the movie posters as sequel to the movie using Photoshop only. It is very pleasant activity to make and being creative. It really helps me to use this kind of ability to do on other computer …

  2. aeros

    Intro to Final Project


    My favorite type of digital storytelling activity was from the Daily Create. I chose the “TDC395: Rename a title from a movie poster”, because I think it caught my attention to try giving a new name for a movie to either get the viewers to laugh or get interested about …

  3. aeros

    Mockumentary Interview Project


    This mockumentary project is about an interview with a character who is based on an archytype. The archytype is about education in college with professor. We have a student to portrays as the professor.

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  4. aeros

    Video Assignment – Music Video


    The assignment for the music video I made was about Bruce Lee’s final film appearance in “Enter the Dragon” before his death on July 20, 1973. The music for the video is the soundtrack from the same movie.

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  5. aeros

    Video Assignment – Inanimate Motion


    I made my own inanimte motion using my Gundam model figures for the action sequence and the sound effects were recorded from Bruce Lee’s film “Game of Death”. I use the stand that it provides along the model to make it cheesy for some certain scenes.

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  6. aeros

    Argument at the Subway – Project Assignment


    This project is about an anime parody having two students(Trone and Stephanie Davis) to have a problem at the subway due to Stephanie listening to her music way too loud and could not hear or let Trone to get through the path. Therefore, they had an argument and cause each …

  7. aeros

    Movie Voice Machines


    I create a voice mail machine from the anime “A Little Snow Fairy Sugar”. It is literally saying “Yahoo! This is Sugar! Sorry, I’m out right now. After the sound of the piccolo, leave your message and I might get back to you later! So, get to it!”.

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  8. aeros

    Sound Effects Story


    I create a sound story of Bruce Lee taking out the Mafia Gangs to revenge for his beloved people. I made this by recording some certain fight scenes from “Fist of Fury” where Bruce fights the Japanese School, “Enter the Dragon” where he fights the henchmen in the cave including …

  9. aeros

    Music Mashup


    I create an audio mashup with 2 very distinct soundtracks from “Game of Death”. The first soundtrack is the “Garden Fight” and the second is the “Electric-Guitar Version”.

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  10. aeros

    Week Summary


    I just went to two art gallery museums for my Drawing class assignments recently. I went to “Churner and Churner” to look at the drawings and describe them what I saw about its texture, size, positions and etc. It was mostly about the history of the African Americans along with …

  11. aeros

    Visual Assignment – An Album Cover


    I made an album of Bruce Lee in “Enter the Dragon” from the same movie name. I chose this assignment because it looks interesting task to do. I chose Bruce Lee as my album cover because he is the greatest Martial Artist and he his films are very enjoyable to …

  12. aeros

    Colorize it – Cola Ad


    I recolor a black and white photo using Photoshop to show how I think it should look in color.

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  13. aeros

    Graphic Gift


    I made my own graphic gift using photoshop to edit my own vintage ad.

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  14. aeros

    Gundam 00 The Movie: Awakening of the Trailblazer


    Set in the year A.D. 2307. Fossil fuels on Earth have been depleted entirely, with mankind turning to the next available power source: solar energy. During this time, 3 orbital elevators with solar power generation systems are built, each under control by the Union of Solar Energy and Free Nations …

  15. aeros

    Fire Symbol


    This is a Fire(?) Symbol putting in pieces together in a different way. In Cantonese for “Fire” is pronounce as “For”, and in Japanese is pronounce as “Hi”.

    dailycreate tdc403

  16. aeros

    Game of Death(????) – Swinging Nunchakus


    I create this GIF image by using the Adobe Fireworks to import as an Animated GIF. The frames were set as loop forever. The media is from the movie “Game of Death” where Bruce Lee uses his Nunchakus for a swing.


  17. aeros

    Week 2 – Summary


    This week I recently trying to work on the dailycreate with the flickr putting images. I also use Twitter once a week for the assignments the professor is given.…

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