1. aetherbunny

    Exit, pursued by Creeper Oberon


    My One-Girl Shakespeare Scene ended up starring the creepiest version of Oberon ever (also a profusion of tinkly fairy sound effects). The scene I chose was from “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” and involves Hermia confronting Demetrius over the whereabouts of her lover, Lysander. When Oberon enters to discover that that …

  2. aetherbunny

    The D Chord Song


    I changed up the Make Music DAMNIT assignment a little, and instead of talking about the first song I ever learned to play (that was probably something random from a kid’s music book on the piano), here I talk a little bit about the first song I ever made up …

  3. aetherbunny

    Tumblr could articulate this feeling


    It would probably say something like this: LFHIESHLGFHSLKDHGLJHFSLKJselhflwherf3wlieffjksldhfiewlek I HAVE LOST THE ABILITY TO CAN

    First up, My Design Safari…

    These are the four images I took to capture different elements of design: unity, typography, color and dominance, respectively.

    I had a great deal of fun taking this pictures, all …

  4. aetherbunny

    Me and Radio WRTZ


    This week the inimitable Team RadTASTIC (which everyone spells differently depending on the day, making it even more RAD and TASTIC) met in the DuPont hall recording studio last week to discuss how we were going to pull together our rather ambitious zombie radio drama.

    Daniel got us set up …

  5. aetherbunny

    Better late than… post-apocalypse?


    Team RadTASTIC’s radio show poster! Obviously all is not well wherever this DJ is broadcasting from…

    It’s the zombie apocalypse, and this is the last radio station you’re bound to pick up for a long, long while.

    With that as the theme of our team’s radio drama, I immediately thought …

  6. aetherbunny

    The Noble Radish


    My contribution to the ds106 Weird Book Room. It seemed like the sort of thing someone named “Paisley” would write.

    I love book covers. I love them so much, you don’t even understand. There’s that trite old phrase about judgement, sure, but the fact is the cover of a …

  7. aetherbunny



    That way when GIMP decides to crap out (because it will. It will.) and you are faced with the Immovable Filters Menu and nothing works even though your Task Manager says the program is running, you will not end up whimpering pathetically in front of your laptop and staring at …

  8. aetherbunny

    So much digging we’re gonna hit China!


    I FINISHED AN ASSIGNMENT FOR THIS WEEK. I REALLY DID.Except I screwed it up and did a general bumper sticker instead of one for our radio show because I thought you were supposed to do both. Hopefully I can do the second poster and it’ll count as 4 stars overall? …

  9. aetherbunny



    Guys. Guys I am about to throw things. In desperate need of assistance from the brilliant creative hivemind that is ds06 OR I LITERALLY CANNOT COMPLETE ANY OF MY WORK FOR THIS WEEK.

    I was cleaning up my laptop and accidentally managed to delete the “My Pictures” location from my …

  10. aetherbunny

    Memory’s floors


    So today’s Daily Create was to draw, from memory, the floor plan of the house you grew up in. I gave it a shot:

    That’s a closet in the upper right-hand corner, by the way.

    Obviously, I am not an architectural savant. The first thought that went through my head …

  11. aetherbunny

    Bunnies hate summaries


    I HATE WEEKLY SUMMARIES. I HATES THEM, PRECIOUS. Nasty, fat, stinky summaries... I think part of it is that it feels like I’m just cutting down and re-hashing all the hard work I did throughout the week, which for me is super frustrating. I already DID this stuff, I don’t …

  12. aetherbunny



    BEHOLD! My Daily Creates from this week.

    This Daily Create happened kind of spontaneously. I read the assignment (Record someone making music!) with a friend in the room, and on the subject of ridiculous things I could play and/or sing to complete it, she busted out this bawdy little ballad. …

  13. aetherbunny

    Other people’s words


    For an assignment that I didn’t enjoy nearly as much as I thought I would, I certainly went a bit overboard with it. There’s another newsprint blackout poem under the cut, as well as my own spin on the art form.

    Weirdly, I think the reason I found this assignment …

  14. aetherbunny

    Hit list


    Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

    Behold! My list of favorite photos, fresh from Flikr (and alliterative to boot)!

    I used flickrSLiDR to create the slideshow, in case you’re wondering.

    All the photos I chose for my ‘greatest hits’ set are either images I feel represent my best photography in a …

  15. aetherbunny

    Coming soon on RadTASTIC Radio…


    That’s right boys, girls and zombified ex-humans: we’re bringing you the zombie apocalypse in faux-real-time radio drama form.

    Team RadTASTIC consists of myself, Daniel, Paul, Crystal, and our newest addition, Rob!

    The zombie apocalypse theme is a well-explored one, and came up fairly early in our …

  16. aetherbunny

    Blitzed out


    I was a little worried about completing the 20-minute photo blitz since all I have in the way of a camera right now is the crappy little thing in my cell phone. It can’t even upload pictures directly to a computer without a bit of a backdoor hack.

    While I …

  17. aetherbunny

    Let’s just call me fashionable


    … and leave it at that, shall we?

    Sometimes weekends are horrible, and sometimes that means even the best classes will get neglected. I apologize, but we are MOVING RIGHT ALONG (since the theme of this weekend was basically coping via songs from The Muppets) and getting to this weekly …

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