1. afanghel

    To All Who Come to This Happy Place


    Welcome to my little corner of the world! My name is Amy Fanghella, and I am a junior at the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, Virginia. I am a Business Administration major, concentrating specifically in Marketing, and I plan to graduate in the Spring of 2017.

    Having this incredible …

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    Make Your Song YOUR Song.


    So is there anybody else out there who, when they hear a certain song, can just relate to it on any and every emotional level?

    Because that happens to me pretty much all the time… Really, guys; I almost have 41 hours worth of songs on my “Starred” Spotify playlist …

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    The Gist Through a GIF: Digitally Capturing the Essence of DS106.

    Also Known as “An Open-Letter to Current and Future DS106 Students”:

    As the semester commences, or rather, as you’ve accidentally blinked and suddenly find yourself wondering where the heck it went, you will undoubtedly begin to realize that DS106 is NOT just any ordinary three-credit class. I’m sure you, like …

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    Vixen Retires and Cat Learns the Truth.


    It turns out my entire life has been a lie.

    The GPS chip I obtained following Beau’s demise led me to my old home of New York City, a place I never ever thought I’d return to following my father’s death.

    But after it lead me back to my old …

  5. afanghel

    Progress Report: Vixen’s on the Case!


    Throughout this week I have been closely following the Vixen Vigilante as she embarks on what could be her first international case.

    I have paid close attention to her previous missions, which have been mainly limited to our shared hometown of New Orleans, and it is so great to see …

  6. afanghel

    Weekly Summary: Vixen’s Ventures in Full Swing.


    Wow, an easy week in DS106! … Who knew those existed?!?? I can’t talk; I’ve only been at this for a mere two weeks, but I know that my cohort DeLovely Ames has been waiting for one since what may as well have been forever.

    Anyway, here’s what was accomplished …

  7. afanghel

    Sittin’, Waitin’, Wishin’.


    If Twitter existed during our era, I dream you would tweet me just what I wanted to hear . It would be worth so much more than a mere three stars … In fact, it would be worth more stars than there are in the sky.

    But unfortunately, I haven’t …

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    Cat’s Creates: Spades and Arrows.


    For someone who keeps her profile under wraps and makes valiant efforts to stay anonymous while simultaneously being under intense public scrutiny, I can imagine that the release of this enticing novel by well-known local writer Grant Grayson is the Vixen Vigilante’s worst nightmare.

    I happen to know Grant fairly …

  9. afanghel

    The Vixen Vigilante Hires Caterina Loveless.


    This week, I was contacted by none other than the Vixen Vigilante herself! It was quite an experience to converse with this mysterious foxy femme, even if it was just over the phone. Though she is keeping me from revealing too much, I can say that her reasons for reaching …

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    Weekly Summary: Cat’s Cove’s in Full Swing.


    Well, this has been an interesting week full of new and daunting digital things.

    I tuned into my first live #DS106Radio broadcast, which was a bit of a debacle, but we can’t blame Groom for that, right Burtis?

    List of weird things I must learn about this week: "tape deck", …

  11. afanghel

    Always in My Heart.


    I’ve been thinking a lot lately. Which is nothing new.

    This go-around, like many of the go-rounds before, the topic of my musings has revolved around loss, and weather or not there is anything to be gained in the days that follow said loss.

    And like in the three-star lyric

  12. afanghel

    Note to Self.


    Dear 16 Year Old Me,

    Take a moment to listen to what I have to say. Because everything, and I mean everything, is about to change. If only you had known that at the time … the value of that knowledge would have been way beyond a mere four stars

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    My Kind of Princess!


    If this is what the future of Disney has in store for there princesses, then I must be living in the wrong decade!

    The best part of taking over Amy’s computer this weekend has been delving into her life for a change! The tables have turned and I am taking …

  14. afanghel

    A Hard-Hitting Expose by the Experts of DS106


    After my arrival via time-travel into this whirlwind world known as DS106, I had no time to relax, as I was my life was immediately poked and prodded into by its persistent professors … I am not one for being too open or vulnerable; I have no idea how Amy …

  15. afanghel

    Daily Create: Tree Art


    Tree Art … I didn’t even know that was a thing but apparently when it comes to this strangely satisfying class known as DS106, anything and everything is a “thing”.

    I have always been one to love a good challenge (one of the few things I do love), but I …

  16. afanghel

    Weekly Summary and an Upset Tummy.


    Yup, it’s been one of the weeks. I think given this crazy up-and-down weather and the even crazier amounts of homework I have that just never seem to get done, my body is kinda rebelling against me, pounding its fists down on the table as it shouts, “We want sleep! …

  17. afanghel

    Video Essay: Character is Key.


    The key to any good noir film is the key character types that are found within them. Throughout these weeks we have become familiar with tropes such as the Hardboiled Detective, the Jerk with a Heart of Gold, etcetera, and Alfred Hitchcock nails the classic femme fatale in his 1946 …

  18. afanghel

    Donnie & Bas & the Beloved Beach Bash.


    This two-star video assignment relates to Janelle’s’ character, Sebastian Crane … clearly I’m #InsaneintheMemCRANE, since this is the second assignment I’ve done with him! He’s just so wonderful :).

    Though Sebastian is a keep-to-himself/show-no-emotions kind of guy, I can somehow picture him late at night, in his swanky apartment, bathed …

  19. afanghel

    Dublin with Dad.


    It has been nagging at me for going on 10 years! Though I am probably no more than about 2 percent Irish, my desire to travel there has been growing more and more fervent the further away I am.

    My dad shared with me his love for music since the …

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