1. afanghel

    Team Noirpaca Signing Off.


    Radio Week was a whirlwind of all sorts of experiences, both new and familiar.

    The most familiar aspect of our Radio Show project was doing group work, which I tend to slightly despise, not even exaggerating. However, I was lucky enough to have an enthusiastic group that was equal parts …

  2. afanghel

    Heard it On the Radio: Get A Clue!


    This week I decided to tune into to the radio show “Get A Clue” since Team Noirpaca and the Clue-sters originally had similar inspiration for their radio shows!

    The premise was very well planned out, staying true to the “whodunnit” theme revolving around the revelation of who killed Lawrence Spitler …

  3. afanghel

    Daily Create: Shine Like A Sunbeam.


    Early this morning I started off yet another week with what most people my age probably do as well … no, not breakfast; a good ol’ healthy scroll through Twitter! Ohhh, our generation …

    This lovely little quote popped up on my timeline and provided utter sunshine on what started …

  4. afanghel



    I was so excited that one of the requirements this week was to submit some of our fellow DS106ers’ work to the Inspire bank, because I’ve been continuously blown away and simultaneously rejuvenated by so many of you. So now, it’s time to give back!

    First shoutout goes to Janellegelino …

  5. afanghel

    The Beau to Our Cat.


    Way back when when we first wrote our character dossier, I had already been thinking of other characters that were a part of Cat’s life, past or present. And since this week we had to do assignments that broadened our own character’s story, brought in those of others’, and helped …

  6. afanghel

    Daily Create: DeLovely Dancing Skills of Dylan.


    Dylan O’Brien being his spaztastic spirited soul is something that always makes me laugh with utter joy. A relatively obscure actor unless your a teenaged fangirl like me, he’s not just a pretty face but has acting chops to spare! In my opinion, he has the physical comedy of Jim …

  7. afanghel

    Daily Create: Muggle-Born, Gryffindor Proud.


    Summers and summers ago when I was feeling lonely and a little bit blue, I decided to combat my haze-y daze by channeling my inner Marilyn and having an impromptu photoshoot in my kitchen. The caption under the Instagram collage that I posted that day reads one of my favorite …

  8. afanghel

    Week Seven’s End ft. Vixen’s Ventures: The Final Cut!


    Grab your fancy dresses and tuxes and your best wannabe-model strut, boys and girls, ’cause premiere day is here! I present to you at last, the long-awaited completion of Vixen’s Ventures!

    It was a bit rough getting everyone on the same wavelength, especially once Spring Break arrived and we were …

  9. afanghel

    Spoiler Alerts with Grant Grayson.


    Allow Grant Grayson, dedicated reporter and photographer of The Pinnacle Point, to paint you a picture as you prepare to enter the worlds-colliding of Cat, Delia, Bonnie, Cleo, and John and join the crazy happenings of the coolest hotspot in town, Cat’s Cove.

    Upon entering the hottest club in …

  10. afanghel

    Daily Create: Potter and the Weasel.


    Given that his name is Grant Potter, I didn’t take long figuring out what to do to celebrate our awesome DS106 secret agent’s birthday! Hopefully my fellow Gryffindors will appreciate my punny-ness :).

    Potter is our King,

    Potter is our King,

    He didn’t let the virus in

    Potter is our

  11. afanghel

    Daily Create: Eternally Choosing JOY.


    I think people were judging me as they walked past me on the third floor of the library. I mean, hey; just another day in DS106, right?! T’was TOTALLY worth it for an awesomely executed stop motion-esque Daily Create, complete with a bit of typography and some Amy-made doodles.

    Also, …

  12. afanghel

    Theresa and Ian Share a Coke Once Again.


    So for this one-and-a-half star assignment, I threw it back to a previous assignment that I did during what I think was Photography Week … Wow, doesn’t that seem like eons ago?! For a bit of background information, I would advise reading my post here, as the story behind …

  13. afanghel

    I Bid You A Fond Farewell.


    In this three-star assignment, Cat, only mere months after her father’s premature passing, decides to do some spring cleaning and sell the piano that contains fond memories.

    This was the first Audio assignment that I didn’t premeditate and script out; I just let my thoughts flow and recorded them …

  14. afanghel

    #DS106Radio: Tune In if You Dare…


    This week, I did not miss out on the live tweeting session of DS106 radio like two weeks ago during Audio Week, so there’s that …

    Instead of simply telling you my thoughts in my usually overly-wordy manner however, I’ve decided to show you instead. I mean, a Tweet is …

  15. afanghel

    The Right to Copyright.



    For real, this was a really effective and creative way to convey the importance of copyright and how it effects both me as content creator and content enjoyer. I found it really hilarious how they used Disney movies to explain everything, since that is one …

  16. afanghel

    Rockin’ ROBBIN.


    The final three of the six stars contributing to my noir character involved me taking a modern approach on Cat’s favorite book, The Adventure of Robin Hood, and creating a brand new cover whilst diving deeper into the realm of minimalism, which is brand new to me. Minimalist book covers …

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