1. afanghel

    Little Bit O’ Blitz.


    Looking at the world in a different view throughout this week of delighting in design was really something I’ve never really done before, at least not mindfully. Sure, all different aspects of design impact us on a daily basis, but how often to we take a breath and stop for …

  2. afanghel

    A Very Vignelli Valentine’s.


    The urge to create and design has always been a fairly innate ability of mine for pretty much ever. Color has been splashed across my skin as much as skin as frequently as salt water and sand, a recent love for typography has been growing constantly as of late as …

  3. afanghel

    Week in Review: Not My Best Work.


    Well, this week proved to be a bit stressful. Not just because it was Audio Week, but because it was Audio Week and I didn’t start on my to-do list until Friday. What resulted was not my best work, and I actually missed out on doing a very important part …

  4. afanghel

    Radio Show Brainstorm: SUPERNoir!


    A few weeks ago, I was inspired by my fellow classmates, the world of superheroes, and my newly acquired knowledge about the world of film noir and was doing a bit of midnight musing.

    Something I am interested in exploring in the coming weeks is the style of noir and …

  5. afanghel

    Two Touches of Evil.


    In watching the two versions of the opening of Touch of Evil and comparing and contrasting them, I was amazed to see just how much detail there is when it comes to film noir. I got a little taste of having to pay attention to such detail with all the …

  6. afanghel

    Tune In If You Dare …


    Well, I have used the term “DS106 Flow” in my Tweets before, and I can see why … Because it’s DEFINITELY an ebb-and-flow sort of relationship between DS106 and I. As soon as I create one really awesome assignment, my next one is not so great, and then suddenly, I’m …

  7. afanghel

    Just an Ordinary Day (…or is it?!).


    Okay, so the Sound Effects Story Assignment is officially my least favorite DS106 assignment thus far. Probably because I couldn’t come up with a good idea and had thus procrastinated up until now, but STILL; THIS WAS HARD! It was super complicated to layer the sounds one on top of …

  8. afanghel

    Up Up Up.



    Never ever thought I’d be able to craft such utter beauty.

    I can’t even think of anything else to say other than this class is bringing out the wonderfulness in me and I never expected this in a million years.

    I did not really think I would do well …

  9. afanghel

    Week in Review: The Great Escape.


    This week was the first in which I had to balance my Digital Storytelling life and my actual life.

    Because even though DS106 is for life, it’s really, really important to make sure you have a life outside of Digital Storytelling as well. I’m sure most of you do, but …

  10. afanghel

    A Picture’s Worth A Thousand Words.


    I have always been a creative person since as long as I can remember and have been continuously working on sharing the many important stories that lay deep within my soul. I have always loved exploring the different ways of storytelling and have learned, and plan to continue to learn, …

  11. afanghel

    A Quick Trip to the Film Noir Cinema.


    Pardon the suck-ish quality screenshots; I hope you can bear with them as I go through the visual tactics tidbits I noticed as I watched some of the noir films assigned this week.

    I watched Killer’s Kiss and The Hitchhiker, taking note of the various settings and characterization implemented via …

  12. afanghel

    Photo Safari: “Adventure is Out There!”


    It was really awesome knowing that some of my previous photography work fit perfectly into not only the requirements for this week’s Photo Safari assignment but also  in telling the story and backstory of my character, Cat Loveless. The first two photos really answer the question “Where in the World …

  13. afanghel

    Little Wonderer.


    I can’t believe I am so lucky to have such a blessed life … 10 seconds is not enough for me and my wordiness to capture the exact degree of my lucky-ness. But since this particular writing assignment prompted us to do both a ten-second write and doodle, I figured …

  14. afanghel

    Where in the World is Beauregard Dasher?


    Cat’s P.O.V.

    Who would have thought a crinkled piece of paper would be such a gem of a treasure. In the midst of this intense war, it’s at least a brief relief to see this ink across the page as proof of the beat of his heart.

    Beau can never …

  15. afanghel

    Cat Loveless and the Story of Her Life.


    Name: Caterina Loveless

    Nickname: Cat

    Birthdate: November 21st, 1910

    Place of Birth: Hoboken, NJ

    Occupation: Jazz singer at Giorgio’s Ristorante.

    Marital Status: single

    No. of children: 0

    Physical description: 5’3”; strawberry blonde, almost red hair; bright green eyes, frequently painted lips.

    Bio: The reason everyone is willing to pay the …

  16. afanghel

    The Postman Rings One Last Time.


    There’s a guy in No. 7 that murdered his brother, and says he didn’t really do it, his subconscious did it. I asked him what that meant, and he says you got two selves, one that you know about and the other that you don’t know about, because it’s subconscious. …

  17. afanghel

    For the Love of Noir.


    And by “love” I mean “love/hate”, since this style of writing is definitely take some getting used to on my part. Film noir is gripping and gritty and never provides an assurance of a “happy ending”, a quality that I normally like to include in my writing but from here …

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