1. ajaweston

    Design Create: Fantasy Ted Talk


    For whatever reason, I knew that I wanted to somehow incorporate grumpy cat in this ted talk, so I found a random image of him on the web. I used dragged the cat image to the provided Ted Talk template, and then used the lasso on the sidebar to trace …

  2. ajaweston

    Original Design Create


    For this project, I first googled “most famous paintings in the world,” and randomly chose this classic:

    I then chose a random cat picture by googling “funny cat face,” and found this little creature:

    I then dragged it into photoshop and clicked the lasso to trace the cat face. I …

  3. ajaweston

    My Favorite "Album Without Sound"


    It took me a while to pick one album, because I had so many favorites, but I finally settled on this one. The supposed band is “MFL” and the album title “No one else can see.” I was drawn to this album because it is a really interesting image in …

  4. ajaweston

    Weekly Summary Post

    CC Derek Mueller

    What I have done this week:

    Read excerpts from How Images Think by Ron Burnett and “Images” by Robert Hass Blogged about one of the readings Completed two design projects: here and here Finalized my two audio projects: here and here This week, I did a lot…
  5. ajaweston

    Design Project: Comic Book Effect


    This photo originally began as:

    I took it over Spring Break when my boyfriend found a dead horse shoe crab along the coast of the Atlatnic Ocean. I always thought horse shoe crabs were pretty strange looking, so I figured it would be perfect to disguise as an alien for…
  6. ajaweston

    Design Project: Bad Photo with Vintage Effect


    My first design project! I first started with a pretty bland camera phone picture that I took of my friend playing the ukulele a few weeks ago:

    All of the versions of Gimp that I had previously downloaded don’t work on my computer, for whatever reason. Even though the application…
  7. ajaweston

    Response to “Images” by Robert Hass

    CC Flickr Brun-o

    After reading the article, I am left with a couple questions:

    Was the reading supposed to be an introduction to the design section? I don’t see how the article related to design at all. Perhaps it’s more abstractly related to design? It’s hard to say, because almost…
  8. ajaweston

    Audio Project 1: Dating and Feminism


    Here is my final draft of my audio piece on dating for our class radio show!

    Although I initially wanted to do my dating audio piece on couples fighting, I had difficulty coming up with a compelling idea to structure it around. I then decided to do something that I …

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