1. ajaweston

    Response to "Sound Reporting"

    CC Flickr Cyber-Photography

    After reading the few chapters from “Sound Reporting,” I feel extremely overwhelmed about our radio shows. Since everything I read about radio shows is almost completely new information, it is hard to keep track of the most important points to remember in order to produce …

  2. ajaweston

    Weekly Summary Post

    CC Ross Murray

    This week’s completed assignments:

    Two daily/audio creates, here and here My produced vox pop piece Radio show plans The most annoying thing about this week is that I’ve discovered that I can’t listen to Soundcloud pieces directly on blogs. The embedded Soundcloud box is unable to load,…
  3. ajaweston

    "Dating" Radio Show Plans

    CC Leigh Myers

    For our class radio show, I will interview several couples, or individuals, and ask them about the stupidest fight they got in with their significant other. These will be fights that people genuinely became angry over. Hopefully at this point, people will be able to laugh about …

  4. ajaweston

    Response to "Listening In"

    CC Fernando Candeias

    Great historical examination and progression of the radio in America!

    However, the article was written from an extremely ableist viewpoint. Perhaps it is because I am taking a  disability culture course that makes me hyper aware of non-disabled norms in our culture, but this article excludes …

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