1. amclay09

    My Pershore Designari (Design Safari)


    No big game around Pershore, but plenty of charity shops and cafes to rummage around and be idle. So, out came the smartphone camera on alert for photo ops with a design focus. This ended up being a mixture of architecture, clothes, food and sweet packaging.

    Sweet wrappers are …

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    Closing the curtains on Unit 5


    Something of a paradox. Unit 5 of the open course ds106 was the unit in which I was most organised and yet it has been a long and drawn out affair. I planned exactly what I needed to do, decided on the assignments, but just couldn’t find the time to …

  3. amclay09

    Gun Loops, Large Holes Agin the King


    Gun Loops Gardens

    Between the algaed stone and the imposing handle

    Ancient and modern

    Secluded formal gardens tucked

    No shortage of benches for lunches

    Perpendicular to Newarke Wall’s large holes

    Now peeping on the graveyard

    But in 1645

    Gun loops for Parliament’s shooters

    Soldiers agin their King

    Republic in waiting…

  4. amclay09

    Bits, bits, for #photoblitz


    For the ds106 photoblitz exercise, the challenge is to take creative photos from a list of 12 subjects in a 15 minute period in a specific location. Subjects vary from specifc (‘Take a photo dominated by a single color’) to ones open to wider interpretation (‘Take a photo that represents …

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    ‘Create a surreal panorama by first making a panorama (duh), and then munipulating the photograph to make it out of this world. However, don’t go out and just make a panorama via your iPhone!!! Take some pictures and mash them together!’

    So, dear reader, I mashed, in response to Visual …

  6. amclay09

    Free as the Wind


    The Daily Create, as part of the digital storytelling course ds106, encourages ‘you to challenge yourself to create something new each day’. These mini-assignments are meant to only take minutes rather than hours to complete, but sometimes the thought processes about the activities and the writing up of …

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    Self(ie)-Portraiture: Me, myself, I – You, yourself, we


    Self-portraits are everywhere online and easily shared via mobile communication. The selfie is more than fashionable. It is an everyday practice of the state of personal publishing and ‘always on, everywhere’ networked media. The smartphone facilitates a personal push and pull media on a scale that we have never experienced …

  8. amclay09

    Unit 4 Summary


    Audio Storytelling

    This unit was the first one that made me feel like a learner because it was an area that I didn’t know a lot about going in to it. The examples of audio storytelling that we were encouraged to study use a very heavily produced approach to factual …

  9. amclay09

    Sound Effects Story: Flydragon


    ds106 Sound Effects Story Audio Assignment

    Source Files

    ‘dragon wings.wav’ by vedas

    ‘screams_02.wav’ by studiorat

    ‘Goblin Cackle.wav’ by spookymodem

    ‘Smashing-glass’ by CosmicEmbers

    ‘FireBurning_v2.wav’ by pcaeldries

    ‘flamewind.wav’ by scarbelly25

    ‘DRAGON_ROAR.wav’ by JoelAudio

    ‘Dragon Land’ by Cyberkineticfilm

    ‘Open a long neck beer bottle with coast / beer mat plop’ by michaelkohler


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