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    Feel It Around But With Skateboards


    For this assignment, rated four stars, I placed the audio of the song “Feel It All Around” by Washed Out over a video by Juan Rayos, called “Carving the Mountain”.  I chose these two because I just really love them.  The video by Rayos is amazing and I remember watching …

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    Trainspotting mashup


    This is my mashup for one of my favorite movies.  I don’t know why I like Trainspotting so much but it’s one of the few films that I can watch over and over again.  Given the content, I don’t know what that says about me.

    I used the 4K video …

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    The Terrific Dazzler?


    Here is a vague idea of how my character, The Terrific Dazzler would look like.  It was rather difficult to come up with a costume design since that’s never really been my forte.  I’m a simple girl, I like simple costumes.  She works most nights with a black, light-canceling suit.  …

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    Some Ideas for a Radio Show…


    Currently I have two ideas for a radio show:

    -a broadcast in the same vein as War of the Worlds but it has a group of supervillains attack a city and there’s a group of superheroes that must come and fight to stop them.  In some research on this, I …

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    Moon Graffiti and the Power of Storytelling Without Visuals


    This was such a powerful thing to listen to.  I had fairly low expectations given that my only experience listening to stories was My Prairie Home Companion on NPR.  But this was powerful and evocative–more real than expected.  It’s really amazing how much impact sound and sound design have on …

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    Remake the Genre!


    I’ve listened to The Smiths probably the same amount as everyone else has; enough to like them to the point where I don’t have to listen to them all that much.  (It gets to a point where you have to say, enough Morrissey.)  In searching for cover songs I came …

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    The Eyes Have It


    I cheated a little bit by not using Photoshop, rather I have an app for photo editing where layering photos is an option so I just used that instead of tear my hair out over Photoshop.  In total there are five shots to this piece thought you can’t see all …

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    Where I Find My Quiet


    These are the places where I like to go or imagine myself going whenever I need to collect my thoughts and recenter myself.  The one of the grass and the beach are both from Ocracoke, my favorite place ever.  It’s the last island of the Outer Banks, very small and …

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    There was something there


    We shouldn’t have been there so late at night.  We had come to the woods to walk around a bit, clear our minds.  But there was something glowing just over the hills.  This is as close as I could get until a voice yelled out at us to get out …

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    Weekly Summary #3


    This week was a bit hectic.  But I got everything done and really enjoyed the prompts that were given to us this week.  I’ve mentioned this already in one of my writings that I’ve always been one to make up characters and stories.  So the ability to exercise my creativity …

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    What makes a superhero and a superhero story


    I’ve been made familiar with the Hero’s Journey prevalent throughout many different stories from different times and cultures.  However, I didn’t realize until Vonnegut’s explanation how incredibly common the type of stories we grow up with are.  Some of my favorite superhero stories are of heroes that have been beat …

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    Your friendly neighborhood Cheerleader


    My character’s superhero name is Cheerleader, real name Katelyn Smith.   She used to live as your average high school student who only cared about her friends, her grades, and her cheering.  But all that quickly changed.   When she was 15 she was attacked by an evil alien princess, Katie accidentally …

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    A day in the life of the Terrific Dazzler


    I really enjoyed this writing assignment since I’ve always been a creatively-minded person.  When I was younger I used to make up characters that I would draw and write stories about them.  My favorite types of stories to write and read always involved magical powers so having the chance to …

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    This picture is worth a couple of words


    While scrolling through my computer to find a random photo to write about for this final assignment, I came across this picture.  Brought back a couple of memories.

    This is me three years ago when I was a freshman here at UMW, home for my first fall break.  I had …

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    A Haiku about Writing Haikus


    In this writing assignment (rated three stars), I wanted to write a poem about how difficult the writing process can be.  It was really what I was experiencing while writing this long haiku; counting on fingers the words and syllables in hopes that what I want to say will get …

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    Weekly Summary


    This week I felt that I was getting into the proper swing of things; my blog and social media profiles have been up and I feel more comfortable using them.  My favorite of the assignments I did this week was composing a playlist around the concept of hero introductions because …

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    My House Sigil


    So I’ve only ever read watched the first two seasons of Game of Thrones.  It was in high school and I binge-watched the 20 hours worth of television in a single weekend.  Seventeen-year-old me was quite proud of this accomplishment.  Despite not watching the episodes, I’ve kept up with the …

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    Bucket List (to be edited later) (in life)


    1. Travel: cross-country and abroad (though I must obtain a passport first) and go on a cross-country road trip. Eventually I plan on visiting Colombia and Finland where my mother and father claim descent, respectfully.
    2. Finish all the movies on my Watch List (it totals 103) I made this …

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    I’ve always loved superheroes.  They had powers, secret identities, and the ability to vanquish foes and save the world.  My sister and I grew up pretending to have powers, playing out silly melodramas in the park across our house (our neighbors loved us).  Unfortunately, I didn’t develop any mutant powers …

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    Hesitant Beginnings


    This is the first week of DS106 and I’m a little overwhelmed. I went to the DKC for the first time ever and they were really helpful. Right now, I’m still figuring out the *aesthetics* of my various platforms. They’ll continue to be work in progresses. The entire process was …

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