1. AngelWAguirre

    Characters Communicating Through Blogging


    These two characters represent the two sides of the sneaker culture. The people who are in it for the appreciation, and the people who are in it for the business. Both characters communicate through social media going back and forth under sneaker blog post or on Facebook about where sneakerculture …

  2. AngelWAguirre

    First Photoshop Gif


    This is my first time creating a gif from scratch using photoshop. This process was very confusing at first because I am not use to photoshop and how to use it correctly. However, once I began to familiarize myself with the tools included in photoshop, it was fun to figure …

  3. AngelWAguirre

    Making My First GIF


    These three gifs are displaying some of the best things about Football. The excitement that can happen, the new celebration rules and shocking moments that live forever. Learning about technology has always been an interest so I am excited as these NFL celebrations to discover what I can achieve in …

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