1. Antonia120

    Final Blog Post


    Ct 101 has been one of my favorite classes this semester. Despite waking up early in the morning and traveling almost two hours on the train every Thursday morning, I did enjoy the class. What I enjoyed about this class was learning new skills, for example, how to make gifs, …

  2. Antonia120

    Assignment #3

    Are memes art?  I have a simple answer to that which is yes, it is art. It is a creative way to express yourself through different type of pictures of anything and expressing it digitally (if that makes sense). For example, you want to express yourself to someone you’re texting…
  3. Antonia120

    Assignment #2


    At first I was like whatever, i’m just doing this for the credit

    and then hearing about all the cool things i’ll will be learning about but knowing I have no knowledge of it.

    but willing to learn and finding it actually amazing that i’ll be able to do these …

  4. Antonia120

    Assignment #1


    I’m Antonia, I enjoy doing anything hands on, for example, makeup, art, painting, decorating and cooking. What’s making me happy on the internet right now is Instagram explorer’s page where they have video threads about ASMR seafood or just eating seafood, also a video I just posted of my niece …

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