1. arianaln

    Design Project Bad Photo


    First I edited the coloring of the image in iphoto. I went to effects and then put the Antique effect on level 7 and fade on level 1. From there, I used Gimp to add the text. I clicked on the text tool and dragged in a text box, typing …

  2. arianaln

    Design Project 2



    On befunky.com I uploaded my photo and selected effects on the left side on the page. Then I selected Holgaart and chose Holgaart 4 out of the two options. From there, I adjusted the superimposed clone image until I was satisfied with its position over the original.

  3. arianaln

    Radio Show



    cc duncan

    Radio 1: Fake Dating Profile 

    For this piece, I decided to read over a fake dating profile that a friend of mine created, followed by some of the messages she received in response from some of the other users of the dating site. Since the fake profile …

  4. arianaln

    Response to Living With Cancer


    I found this piece to be really moving and informative. By opening with a personal story of a friend who passed away from Cancer, the piece really grabbed my attention and made me emotionally invested in the information to come. It grabbed my full attention to listen to the more …

  5. arianaln

    Response to Transom.org


    cc jcsullivan24

    On transom.org I listened to “Sonic IDs.” “Popcorn Enthusiast” by Robbie Feinberg was only 30 seconds long but I thought it was really well made and well edited. All it did was make me hungry for popcorn even though I wasn’t even hungry to begin with! I though …

  6. arianaln

    Radio Show Plan


    For the Radio Show, I plan to do what I talked about in class. I will be reading off of profile of a fake girl on a dating website and the responses received from all of the guys that have contacted her to meet up or chat. I think it …

  7. arianaln

    Response to Deception


    cc tjeul

    I found the use of sound to be very effective and powerful in this piece. The sound effects added to the content of their discussion and developed a sense of setting. Their discussion made me think of my Biology of Sex class as well as my Psychology class. …

  8. arianaln

    Response to “How to Read A Movie”

    Since the blog on how to read a movie talked about Alfred Hitchock’s Notorious, I decided to respond with the comments and reflections I made after a viewing of this film in my film class last year on the art of film. In that class we were taught how to…

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